Thursday, October 10, 2013

[Matchmaking4U]Introduction of Matchmaking4U Team

The customized matchmaking program ‘Matchmaking4U’ organized by Korea Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association(KOMMA), as SIMTOS2014 secretariat is heated up with a lot of concerns. Matchmaking4U team defined the name as ‘Columbus’ in order to discover verified buyers of SIMTOS-exhibitor and also give a chance to foreign buyers expanding business area to Korea and surrounding countries. All members of ‘Columbus’ expects to make ‘an unprecedented success story of trading business’.

Map and Magnifier, a clear judgement and ‘Matchmaking’

Total 49 Korean / 21 Foreign companies joined Matchmaking4U. To get as much as possible of  participants ‘ information and to analyze their needs, Initial Research, other languages handbook uploading and DB management, and informing notifications are in the progress.
“I visit certain nations to discover verified buyers. Through this, I suggest face to face meeting for fruitful networking of trading business.”  - Bonnie Kang
“To prevent miscommunication between organizer, participant and buyer, I am trying to contact them frequently and find matching buyer with participant. Participants’ information has been sending out to buyers in many countries lately.  - Hana Yoo
“I will do my best to maximize promotion impact of participants by checking current situation, DB management and omissions so that forwarding useful information to foreign buyers can be possible.  –Jenny Ryu

Be simple, Easy going!! Team members of ‘Columbus’

The festival of all exhibitors and buyers,
Dependable crystal clear result.

The key point of Matchmaking4U is inviting favored buyers to have a meeting with SIMTOS-exhibitor and increasing their satisfaction to SIMTOS. For this reason, Matchmaking4U team ‘Columbus’ will make an effort to succeed in matchmaking at least one case for all participants.

As Sales Dept.2, Matchmaking4U team will offer matchmaking service continuously to companies that desire to overseas expansion and positive contribution. Unprecedented customized business meeting is created by SIMTOS2014 Matchmaking4U in magnificent concern of exhibitions in the world. Grab a chance to kill the three birds of promotion, finding a new market and sales increase with Matchmaking4U team.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

[Matchmaking4U]Exhibitor(1) FPT, ITALY


FPT Industrie SpA manufactures CNC medium to big size milling machines, vertical lathes, milling and boring machines for the energy, aerospace, railway, naval, mechanical, defence, and die & mould fields and is proud to have many loyal customers all around the world. Headquartered close to Venice, Italy, since its establishment in 1969, FPT increased and consolidated its presence in the domestic and international markets. During these 45 years, FPT brand has become synonymous with technology, accuracy and reliability. FPT goals have always been its customers’ satisfaction, the continuous research and development of new products as well as the improvement of the existing product range.

Part of FPT’s ongoing strategy is to invest in innovation including the development of technologically advanced processes, products and accessories or features for the company’s existing products, services and corporate image. It also strives to improve its service department. In fact,  the company has branches worldwide - Germany, Korea, Russia, China, India and the United States -, all of which can count on service personnel as well as availability of parts, thus helping FPT to stay ahead of the competition. One of the most important priorities for the company is to keep its loyal customer base and to make sure that every customer that owns an FPT product is satisfied with its services, not just the machine itself but also the after-sales service.

FPT strong point is the ability to propose solutions, not only machines. The company can be compared to the best Italian tailors since it works close to its customer, it defines the right machine to the right job and hence it customizes its products to meet its customer needs.


At SIMTOS2014, FPT will exhibit one of its best milling machines, the Ronin machine. A fully cast iron product, suitable for each market field thanks to its extremely flexibility in configuration and top level features. The exhibited machine will be used in the die&mould industry and will have the following configuration: axis strokes (X/Y/Z) 6000/1250/2500 mm, motorspindle 49 kW/7000 rpm/1180 Nm, NC Heidenhain iTNC530 HSCI, ATC, AAC, it will be specifically equipped with three different heads (spindle extension, universal mechanica head, and 5 axis head with electrospindle), touch probe, laser probe and other softwares, patented by FPT, developed to optimize the precision of its products and reduce the service costs.

FPT will participate in SIMTOS2014 because of the growing importance of the Korean market: whose economy is considered to be strategic by its management, so that it focuses on maximising its local presence and brand awareness. FPT is confident to hit this target thanks to its ability to support big companies in improving their business and their productivity, hence we also want to support big Korean groups.