Friday, November 29, 2013

[Matchmaking4U]Exhibitor(3): MTS Sensors Technology Corp., JAPAN

About MTS Sensors Technology Crop.
MTS Sensors Technology Corp. was founded in 1995, it is a subsidiary of MTS Systems Corp. in Minneapolis, USA, a worldwide leading manufacturer of test and simulation systems. Since more than 30 years, the inventor of the magnetostrictive measurement method uses this unique technology successfully as a market leader for linear position sensors and float based level sensors.
At three sites, Japan, USA and Germany, 360 employees work in development, production and sales of linear position and liquid level sensors. The all sites are ISO 9001 certified, and some of its products are approved with CE, ATEX, UL, FM, CSA, and so on.
It has experiences and can offer solutions for a wide range of application, such as machine tools, metal working, plastic, rubber, food, beverage, fluid power, construction machinery, automotive, medical equipment, ship, boat, gas tank, chemical, etc. MTS Sensors remains a highly focused technology company that provides the kind of customer service and support, and offers you various technical innovations and creative solutions.

MTS Sensors provides the most reliable and accurate magnetostrictive position sensors in the world. Temposonics® sensors are ideal for monitoring and measurement systems, for machine control involving hydraulic, pneumatic, electromechanical or even manual positioning in industrial applications.
MTS Sensors enable applications to work smarter and harder. Its full line of standard and custom linear-position sensors can fit virtually every type of industrial application imaginable. With a variety of mounting, output and configuration options and can be easily installed in a cylinder or externally mounted to your machine. Temposonics® sensors are a cost-effective, high performance, high-quality alternative to linear potentiometers or linear encoders. When you add affordable cost to reliable, repeatable performance and zero maintenance, the choice is Temposonics®.

MTS Sensors in SIMTOS 2014
MTS Sensors participate in ‘Matchmaking4U with Korean buyers’ to find new and potential customers. It wants to be looking for the buyers of metal cutting machines, metal forming machines, presses, robotics and welding fields through this event. MTS Sensors will corporate with its distributor in Korea for exhibition participating SIMTOS2014. It hopes to see many visitors at the show.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

[Matchmaking4U]Exhibit Preview ④: KCC Co., Ltd.

Customer Satisfaction is an Ultimate Goal of the Company
We can provide full range of plant related products through selection of qualified vendors with competitive price. there are many kind of vendors who produce Actuators, Hydraulic, Directional Control Valve, Process Valve, Air Clean Unit, Vacuum Equipment, Switch, Shock Absorber, Accessories,.. but it is very important to choose qualified vendors, so we can recommend good makers to fulfill his responsibility.

Competing against foreign brands which have volume and price competitiveness, KCC continued to invest in R&D to win over these imported goods. Eventually, the company has gained reputation of its product quality and created business opportunities not only with SMEs but also large enterprises.

And further, the company is taking a step further to reach out the global market with the help of its employee’s hard working and creativity, world-top quality and marketing strategies.

Now, KCC is achieving both imports replacement and export target. KCC Company, as a Korean brand, set a clear goal of becoming one of the world best brands as well as becoming a leader in Industrial Automation.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

[Matchmaking4U]Exhibit Preview ③: JJ Tools Co., Ltd.

Endless Success Myth in End Mill Series
Since its founding in 1997, JJ Tools has been a professional manufacturer of high-hardness cutting tools. The company, which has grown through extensive experience in end mill fields, ranging from re-grinding to mass production, is now equipped with over 10,000 excellent products in order to respond to the diversifying high-precision machining industry environments.

CBN End Mill Series and PHCB End Mill
JJ Tools will exhibit its CBN end mill series that enhances the lifespan of end mills significantly through self-developed V-cut jointing. This product group features excellent surface roughness for work on high-hardness materials that are difficult to cut and is optimized for finish cutting. In addition, the company plans to exhibit ‘P’ (Precision)-class ultra-precision ball end mills, PHCB, products that were developed after ball-type end mills of its existing high-speed group, HCB line.1

Diamond Coated End Mill Series 
and JJ Series Endmill esinoid

Featuring the best excellent abrasion resistance among all end mills on exhibit, JJ Tools’ diamond coated end mills are appropriate for graphite machining of electrodes. Compared with other products, the company’s diamond coated end mills offer a more stable performance and higher hardness of the coated film, while the coated layer thickness also is high, thereby boasting a long tool lifespan exceeding 6~8 times that of general high-hardened products. The end mill series, 'rainbow-colored' products representing JJ Tools, have heat resistance and abrasion resistance owing to a high silicon content, and are optimized to high-hardness and high-speed machining for highly hardened materials of about HRC52~68.

Monday, November 25, 2013

[Matchmaking4U]Exhibitor(2) KAFO, TAIWAN

About KAFO
KAFO machinery is a professional machine tool manufacturer from Taiwan. We were founded in 1968 and accumulated the experience over 45 years and become one of the biggest machine tool manufacturers. Our products include Vertical Machining Center, Double Column Machining Center, CNC Lathe and Horizontal Machining Center. We have full model with linear guide way, box way and super precision series.

We believe you will be satisfied with Kafo products if you are searching for a reliable supplier in this field. You will never regret to contact us because we are one of the biggest manufacturers in Taiwan with the latest technology and superior R&D team, the same as our name meaning: “March to the top of technology.”

The KAFO Double-Column Machining Center is specially designed for Industry of Semiconductor, Connector, Electronic, Aviation, High Precision Mechanical Production, Automotive, Mold Making, Textile Machines, and Machine Tool.
The entire machine is assembled using Meehanite cast iron, while the head unit uses graphite cast iron. X-axis base more than 6m will be welded, while the smaller are single piece cast iron. All the castings are heat treated to diminish inner deformation and provide long-lasting structural integrity.

Our main products include Vertical Machining Center, Double Column Machining Center, CNC Lathe and Horizontal Machining Center. And we’ll put one Vertical Machining Center and one Double Column Machining Center.

KAFO participate in ‘Matchmaking4U with buyers’ to promote and advertise KAFO brand in Korea market, also make questionnaire to our customer about the preforms of KAFO productions. Check the now model in Exhibition of others manufacturer, and get the most popular model in the near future. Through ‘Matchmaking4U with buyers’  we would like to meet local customer in Korea, also wish find foreign dealership buyer during the exhibition.

KAFO Strategies for SIMTOS2014
1. Asian Area Dealer Conference within SIMTOS period
2. Enhance market share
3. Make advertisement in machine tool magazine

Thursday, November 21, 2013

[Matchmaking4U]Exhibit Preview ②: Genentech Co., Ltd.]

Ever-Growing Grinding Wheel Company
Genentech specializes in the manufacture of all types of grinding wheels, ranging from diamond and CBN to conventional tools. Constantly striving for customer satisfaction, Genentech products have a strong reputation for utstanding technology, top-rated quality and on time delivery.

It’s diamond and CBN grinding wheels are super abrasive featuring resinoid, metal and vitrified work. The products are applicable to straight flute grinding as well as spiral flute grinding operations.

Hybrid Wheels
The company's hybrid wheels are applied to creep-feed grinding of rouging. The products feature the characteristics of metal & resin while having higher heat resistance than phenol or polyamide and excellent ability due to wheel elasticity.
Resinoid Wheels
Genentech's resinoid wheels are divided into phenol resin and polyimide wheels. The elasticity of phenol resin wheels is higher than those wheels made of other materials, so their grinding performance is excellent for high-hardness, high-speed steel, non-ferrous metals, etc.

Metal Wheels
Excellent in maintaining shape, abrasion resistance and heat resistance, Genentech's metal wheels feature a long lifespan. These wheels are used mainly in intermittent grinding work and appropriate for glass, steel, shape profile and honing processing.

Vitrified Diamond & CBN Grinding Wheels
Characterizing these products is a very long tool life due to high concentration and excellent grinding ability owing to numerous pores. The products are used for grinding of ferrous metals and ceramics for auto parts and also for PCD & PCBN.

Conventional Grinding Wheels
In terms of their usage, Genetech's conventional grinding wheels are divided into resinoid (grinding tap flutes, grinding clearances & drill points), epoxy (grinding knives, bearing cases & grinding tap chamfers) and vitrified (grinding of precision products, cutting tools & tungsten-carbides).

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

[Matchmaking4U]Exhibit Preview ①: Daesung Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.

High Tech, High Precision and High Quality
Daesung Hi-Tech produces high precision machine parts, assembly units & jig fixtures, machine tools and semiconductor machines, etc. Recently, the company has modularized parts of a cutting-edge CNC machine tool and developed a gear hobbing machine, semiconductor production-related equipment as well as an IT convergence medical application machine to diversify its product lines. Through the addition of three production lines and systematic classification of product groups at each plant, the company has made sufficient improvements in in its production systems.

Daesung Hi-Tech will showcase four pieces of equipment – which are the gear hobbing M/C and dental milling M/C, the Vertical Machining Center and the CNC High-Speed Multi-Spindle Machine.

CNC 6-Axis Hobbing MC (DSGH-220)
The DSGH-220 fulfills high-precision work without generating any backlash with its high-output torque motor and high-resolution encoder. The semi-dry cutting system, gear surface roughness and eco-friendly technology and realizes an MQL (minimum quantity lubrication) unit as well, eliminating the need for non-water-soluble cutting oil.

5-Axis Dental Milling MC (DM-25)

The adoption of high-speed spindles allows for more efficient ultra-high-precision processing, of high-strength materials. The adoption of a torque drive-integrated NC rotary table and CNC controller with, synchronous control of five axes allows for sculptured surface machining.

Vertical Machining Center (TX Series)

Achieves maximum process efficiency with optimized tapping and secures reliability with application of LM Guide and Ball Screw for high-speed processing machines.

CNC High-Speed Multi-Spindle Machine

The processing machine uses multi-axes, high-frequency spindles optimized for the machining of smartphone-related parts.