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Korean Machine Tool Market Trend in December

Korean Machine Tool Market Status (December, 2015)

 (Orders) 15. December Machine Tool Order 1,952B(MoM -1.2%, YoY -17.9%)
o (Domestic Orders) 1,200B(MoM -9.3%, YoY -2.7%), 
   (Export Orders) 
751B(MoM +15.2%, YoY -34.4%)

o (By product)
NC Metal Cutting(
2,047B, MoM +3.7%)
Metal Cutting (
82B, MoM +10.9%), 
Metal Forming(191B, MoM -66.8%), 

o (By industry)
532B, MoM -25.6%),
Nonferrous Metal(85B, MoM +226.5%), 
Machinery(205B, MoM -5.7%), 
ElectronicsIT(163B, MoM +23.7%)
*Metal products(136B, MoM +48.9%), ShipbuildingAviation(83B, MoM +41.7%),
 Precision Machinery(
15B, MoM +64.4%)

o Machine Tool Orders(January ~ December) 
31,784B(YoY -13.8%)
 (Domestic Orders) 
 16,812 B, YoY -8.6%,
 (Export Orders) 
14,973B, YoY -12.3%
 (Production) 15, December Machine Tool Production 2,319B(MoM -11.5%, YoY -22.0%),
   Shipment 2,690B(MoM -14.7%, YoY -21.4%)
o Machine Tool Production(January~December, 2015) 33,613B(YoY +0.0%)
o Machine Tool Shipment(January~December, 2015) 
33,417B(YoY -4.6%)

 (Exports, December, '15) $215M(MoM +42.6%, YoY -5.0%)
o Sub total of Exports (Jan.~December, '15) $2,342M(YoY +4.7%)

- By Region 
Asia($1,090M, YoY+6.8%), North America($386M, YoY -9.2%), Europe($505M, YoY -17.3%), Central and South America($301M, +182.2%) 

*ratio of Exports(
15.Jan.~December) by region : Asia(46.5%), Europe(21.6%), North America(16.5%)Central and South America(12.9%)

 (Imports, December, '15)$116M(MoM +1.9%, YoY -19.5%)

o Sub total of Imports (Jan.~ December, '15) $1,407M(YoY -5.9%)

- Asia($932M, YoY +0.0%), North America($57M, YoY -22.7%),
 Europe($405M, YoY -16.5%)

*ratio of Imports(
15.Jan.~December) by region : Asia(66.2%), Europe(28.8%), North America(4.1%) 

* : Korea Won, $ : US dollar, B= Billion,  M=Million

[SIMTOS Story] Parts Materials & Motion Controls (Hall 1-5, KINTEX1)

K-Tech Co., Ltd. - Innovative 2-channel MQL System

K-Tech Co., Ltd. supplies domestic market MachinesTools Monitoring Device, MQL System, Cutting Tool, Tool Holder, Tool Pre-setter, Angle Head, and etc. At SIMTOS 2016, K-Tech will exhibit innovative 2-channel MQL System. This system is suitable for high-speed cutting process when compressed air and cutting oil blend each other. Moreover, it could be applied for small tools that require large amount of lubricants with accurate input. Because it is possible to adjust and supply lubricant accurately regardless of speed, it builds quantification. Thus, K-Tech Co., Ltd. will operate innovative monitoring devices and tools that reduce energy and costs.

Booth number: 04A170          Tel: +82-2-803-0980


Demand Industry: Automobile, Industrial Machines, Fabricated Metal/Stampings

Products: Cleaning Machine, MQL System, Monitoring System

[SIMTOS Story] Metal Cutting & Die • Mold Working (Hall 1-5, KINTEX1)

Dae Sung GT. Co., Ltd. – Exhibit Mobile Milling ‘GTB-2800LMDF-MO’

Dae Sung GT. Co., Ltd. will exhibit various types of mobile Beveling Machines and Welding Bead Shaving Machines for welding preparation. Especially, mobile milling GTB-2800LMDF-MO has the advantages of reducing working time and providing better circumstance. Because it freely adjusts the height minimum of 0.1mm as a scale, it produces quick and fine surface profile. Dae Sung GT. Co., Ltd. will also exhibit different types of Beveling Machines and FACE-MILL type GTW products at SIMTOS 2016.

Booth number: 05A020          Tel: +82-42-627-5508


Main customers: SAMSUNG Electronics, Hyundai Mobis

Demand Industry: Industrial Machines, Shipbuilding, Heavy Equipment,                                              Fabricated Metal/Stampings

Products: Lug Removal machines, Bead shaving Machines

[SIMTOS Story] CAD/CAM, Measuring Systems, Automation & Robotics Pavilion (Hall 7-8, KINTEX2)

CAD/CAM, Measuring Systems, Automation & Robotics Pavilion (Hall 7-8, KINTEX2)
Zeiss Korea’s brand-new image measuring instrument, ZEISS O-SELECT, to be displayed. 
Zeiss Korea will introduce their new digital image measuring instrument, O-SELECT. O-SELECT measures 2D part easily and precisely in optical mode. Users can adjust lighting and focusing automatically so that the errors made by human are more likely to be reduced. Furthermore, users can obtain highly liable measurement value by just one button and results are documented in touch screen mode. This is why users can experience another level of convenience. The product has high-resolution ZEISS telecentric camera chip, which does not affect to the degree of enlargement even though the object moves towards the axis, so that it boasts accuracy of size  regardless of the distance between the object and the camera. Zeiss Korea will hold ‘Optical zone’ at SIMTOS2016 to promote their new products including O-INSPECT and O-SELECT.

Stand no. 07D740           Tel. +82-2-3140-2707           Website

Main Products Manufacturing Automation Consulting, Automation Construction, Smart Factory Solution, Conveyor and Others

Demand Industry Aerospace, Energy, Automotive, Electric, Medical, Shipbuilding, Heavy Equipment, Industrial Machines, Home Appliances and Other Manufacturing

CP SYSTEM CO., LTD to feature the new product, 'ROBO-KIT RDD system'

CP SYSTEM produces cable chains for protective wires, flexible tubes, other related connectors and robokit. The company will introduce ROBO-KIT RDD system at SIMTOS2016. Usually, cables and wires in tubes are damaged when arms and heads move or spin consistently at high speed and connected cables are pulled or loosened repeatedly which leads to knots or bending. ROBO-KIT RDD systems, however, prevents the phenomenon above by shrinking and relaxing on its own and protecting cables and it works freely no matter how robots move.  

Stand no. 08D720            Tel. +82-51-868-4356        Website 

Main Products Cable chain

Demand Industry Automotive, Electric and  Industrial Machines

Main Customer Hyundai Heavy Industries

[SIMTOS Story] Cutting-off & Welding, Press & Metal Forming (Hall10, KINTEX2)

Press & Metal Forming (Hall10, Kintex2)

YOUNGRIM ENGINEERING CO., LTD. – Launching various press automation facilities
 For 30 years YOUNGRIM ENGINEERING CO., LTD. who has specialized in press automation facilities would introduce NC LEVELLER FEEDER possible that supplies materials up to 9~12T and showcase first PRECISION LEVELLER integrating with technical skills. Also they would show   their main product DOUBLE UNCOILERwhich could increase the productivity by reducing material input time. They plan to promote actively press automation facilities by showing optimized supply equipments.
Stand no. 10G745  Tel. +82-31-431-5453  Website
Demand Industry  Shipbuilding

[SIMTOS Story] Tool & Related Equipment (Hall9, KINTEX2)

 Tool & Related Equipment (Hall9, KINTEX2)

Korea Technics Ltd. – Launching high-performance KSD drill

 Korea Technics Ltd.specialized in hole making would introduce high-performance KSD drill and RB-boring tool supporting various insert in SIMTOS 2016. In addition, they are planning to show HSD-V drill with diameter Φ13 ~ Φ80 possible cutting depth as more 2 ~ 4 times than diameter,
STD-V drill, VLT drill possible cutting depth as more 5~8 times than diameter, VMD drill with diameter
Φ45~Φ180 possible cutting depth as much as you want, various tooling system and accessories.

Stand no. 09F640 Tel. 82-32-673-1818 Website

Main Products Drill, Milling cutter, Arbor

Demand Industry  Shipbuilding, Automobile, Fabricated Metal/Stampings

Main Customer  Hyundai Automobile, Shinra Engineering



[Amazing Korea] Technology Hub at Center of Northeast Asia

Technology Hub at Center of Northeast Asia

Korea is an understated country. Maybe that is the reason why one of Asia's most active research and development clusters nestled away in Daedeok Valley has not received the attention internationally of a Silicon Valley. Perhaps the researchers here are simply too busy doing their research in the Korean workaholic style to step back and think about how to publicize their abroad. Or perhaps Koreans still imagine themselves as lagging behind the more "advanced" nations of the world. But in this age wherein Samsung and Hyundai have become global players across multiple fields, and Korea's leading edge in ship building, mobile communications and steel production draws attention, Daedeok Valley is also stepping into the spot light.

When Korean President Park Jung-hee started construction on the science park back in 1974, he had a clear purpose: moving the research centers of Korea, then just starting on the road to high-tech stardom, down to Daedeok Valley in Daejeon far away from North Korea and the dangerous DMZ. But his advisors also had come to believe that the concentration of research institutes in this scenic region would create the mutual stimulation would benefit everyone. Since then the research community has expanded rapidly, with now close to 8,000 Ph.D.s in the sciences working in the valleys between the green hills of Daejeon. In fact many researchers have become so accustomed to the Daedeok environment that they have no particular desire to move.

Most clusters in Asia are new and therefore their roots are rather shallow. Shenzhen or Malaysia's research corridor simply lack the long term institutional maturity to conduct advanced research. Daedeok is quite a different story. Here we find considerable flexibility and innovation, but at the same time sufficient continuity to support a broad research and development effort.

The Daedeok Innopolis ecosystem can be conceived of as six overlapping rings: universities (dominated by KAIST and Chungnam National University), research institutes, government and government-invested institutions, corporate research institutes and venture corporations. The mutual stimulation and cooperation between these six different communities produces remarkable innovation and commercialization of available technologies. When the Boston Consulting Group released recently a list of nations leading in innovation, Korea was ranked number two, just below Singapore. Daedeok Innopolis stands on the front line of Asian innovation, setting the pace for Asia and the world.

Japan's Tsukuba Science town is the only other cluster

Among Daedeok Innopolis' universities KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) is considered the top technical university in Korea and one of a handful with global reach in East Asia. Strong fields at KAIST include computer science, electrical and nuclear engineering, mechanical design, chemistry and telecommunications. The national university Chungnam University also plays a central role in those fields, but brings also focused expertise in biotechnology, medicine and the agricultural sciences. These universities are complemented by such outstanding universities as Hanbat University (a leader in IT), Pai Chai University, Hannam University, Mokwon University and Woosong University.

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Research institutes in Daedeok include the Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology (KRIBB), the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI), Electronic and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI), National Fusion Research Institute, National Nanofab Center, Korean Basic Science Research Institute, Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information, Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science, Marine and Ocean Engineering Research Institute, Institute for information Technology Advancement, Korea Institute of Geosciences and Mineral Resources, Korea Institute of Energy Research, Agency for Defense Development, Korea Institute of Toxicology, Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine, Korea Institute of Nuclear Non-proliferation and Control, National Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety and the National Security Research Institute. Among the outstanding technology produced in Daedeok are ETRI's wireless communications systems CDMA, WIBRO & DMB, KRIBB's nano biochips, KARI's KOMPSTAT satellites and NFRI's KSTAR nuclear fusion reactor.

Daedeok is also home to twenty-one corporate research centers with global reach surrounded by an equal number at smaller firms. Some of the notable corporate research centers are Dongbu Advanced Research Institute, (biotechnology, microorganisms and agrichemicals), GS-Caltex Value Creation Center (environmentally friendly products including substitutes for oil), Hanwha Chemical Research (biotechnology, electronics materials, catalysts & nanotechnology), Honam Petrochemical Daeduk Research Institute (synthetic chemistry & petrochemicals), LG Chemical LTD. Research Park (Lithium Ion Battery & Polymer Battery Development), Samyang R&D Center (medical Research and electronics) and SK Institute of Technology (petroleum-related research).

Also such public corporation research institutes as Korea Electric Power Research Institute (hydroelectric projects and nuclear energy), Korea Institute of Construction Materials (authorized test agency for construction materials), Korea Institute of Aerospace Technology (aerospace design, satellites, launch technologies) are also part of the Daedeok ecosystem.
The cross-fertilization between research fields in Daedeok encourages innovation and collaboration. Over the last 15 years, venture companies have sprung up like mushrooms after a spring rain, numbering over 800 at last count. Some of those companies have gone on to become major players and others are coming of age today.


Daedeok is often referred to as the "Silicon Valley of Asia" but this analogy risks obscuring the full range of technologies available here. The engine driving Daedeok is the organic circulation of ideas about technology and business between policy makers, researchers and businessmen working in the fields of telecommunications, nanofabrication, biotechnology, water, nuclear and hydro power, nuclear fusion, design, measurement technologies, mechanical engineering, fuel cells, aeronautics, new materials, robotics, new drugs and environmental technologies. Daedeok is exceptionally well endowed in all these fields and is expanding its international ties rapidly. Daedeok Innopolis' membership includes 898 corporations, 35 government invested and sponsored institutions; 6 universities; 15 public organizations.

Moreover, comparison to Silicon Valley con be quite misleading. Daedeok is far more diverse and ecosystem than simply IT. For example, Daedeok is a world leader in nuclear power with outstanding

Daedeok Innopolis refers to the remarkable collection of R&D centers and venture companies that have congregated in the green hills of Daedeok Valley, north of the city of Daejeon in the Republic of Korea. The research institutes and the venture companies constitute one of Asia's top innovation clusters for technology. Daedeok Innopolis derives its power it ability to effectively innovate, an organic and fluid ecosystem for creativity . The research institutes and universities in Daedeok Valley have spun off multiple start-ups and continue to do so at a remarkable pace. Unlike many other clusters one hears about, Korea has invested heavily in building up both the research expertise for over thirty years, creating long-term research programs of scale and depth. There are over seven thousand with Ph.Ds in the sciences in Daedeok and state-of-the-art infrastructure is in place that enables Daedeok to play a leading role in the world. That gives Daedeok the depth and the institutional continuity to conduct first-class research.

Intekplus's semiconductor package inspection systems, Hanool Robotics's remarkable cleaning robots, Menix Corporation's mobile security systems, RayCan's next generation lasers and ABC NanoTech's ceramic nano powder are just some of the products produced by the startlingly diverse panoply of venture companies that thrive in the ecosystem surrounding KAIST, Chungnam University, and the government and corporate research institutes.
The city supports one of the fastest developing business communities with a strong emphasis on technological innovation. The recently opened Daedeok Techno Valley on the north side of town brings together research with light manufacturing to create a unique environment for R&D. The universities and research institutes have set up venture firms here to explore new applications of their technologies. More recently, Daejeon's ACTS (Agency of Advanced Cultural Technologies and Services) has become a Mecca for multimedia entertainment and film.
Daedeok Innopolis has a Business Hub Center to provide one-stob service for possible investors with special facilities for international firms and joint R&D, and plans a Technology Convergence Center and Foreign Investment Complex in the near future.

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[Amazing Korea] Cultural experiences in downtown Seoul in 2016!

Cultural experiences in downtown Seoul in 2016!

Seoul Metropolitan Government is offering a diverse range of cultural events for everyone to enjoy with family, friends, or loved ones in 2016.

Parents who wish to give their children special memories during the vacation months should consider taking them to see The Tempest, a musical reinterpretation of Shakespeare’s famous romantic masterpiece. This performance will be held at the Sejong M Theater from January 13 (Tues) to 31 (Sun). Viewers can expect a family-friendly version of the original work that still expresses the same profound emotional depth and meaning. Moreover, each performance of the play will provide English subtitles and a study guide to each audience member, giving them the rare opportunity to enhance their understanding of the play by reading the original text while viewing the live performance. The Tempest is great for not only Shakespeare enthusiasts but also parents who want to give their children more exposure to English. Ticket prices range from KRW 20,000 to 40,000.
Until March 13 (Sun), the Seoul Museum of Art will put the spotlight on the creative world of world-famous movie director Stanley Kubrick. A titan of the movie industry who created some of the most innovative films in movie history, including 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Shining, and Eyes Wide Shut, Kubrick has been paid homage by some of the most eminent movie directors of our time, including Christopher Nolan and Steven Spielberg. Held in Asia for the first time, this exhibition is also significant as it is the largest of its kind to date.

Until February 21, the SeMA Nam Seoul Living Arts Museum will be featuring the SeMA Modern History Project Evolved Museum: The Former Belgian Consulate. The exhibition gives a glimpse into the past and highlights the present of the building that once served as the Belgian Consulate during the Daehan Empire and is currently being used as the Nam Seoul Living Arts Museum. This exhibit provides a unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the rich historic significance of this modern cultural heritage while appreciating its present value as an art museum.

The Sejong Museum of Art is currently holding an exhibition on Paik Nam June, the father of two-way TV communication, titled Paik Nam June: Groove_Heung. This special exhibition sheds new light on the creative world of Paik in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of his death and will be open to the public until January 29. On Fridays and Saturdays during the exhibition period, informal lectures will be held on Paik’s work. As the meaning behind Paik’s artwork is often difficult to grasp at first, the Museum is permitting visitors to view the exhibition on two separate occasions with one ticket.

Until March 13, the Seoul Museum of History will be holding Gyeonghuigung Palace Still Lives, an exhibition outlining the 400-year history of the palace that was deeply treasured by Kings Yeongjo and Jeongjo. Having served alongside Changdeokgung Palace as one of the two main palaces of the royal family in the late Joseon period, Gyeonghuigung Palace and its history will be presented in detail through over 200 relics, including stone statues and palace records. This exhibition is an opportunity for visitors to get a glimpse into the extensive history of this remarkable palace.

Until March 27, the DDP Design Museum will be holding the fifth segment of The Treasures of Kansong : Flowers, Birds, and Animals in Korean Painting. The paintings of flowers, birds, insects, and fish featured in this exhibition show that this genre was just as popular with ancient Koreans as landscape and portrait paintings. Featuring the most representative artworks from a period that spans 500 years, from the reign of King Gongmin in late Goryeo to the time of artist Lee Do-hyeong in late Joseon, the exhibition will show visitors the differences in painting styles across multiple generations.


[Amazing Korea] Korea to Boost Economic Cooperation with Iran

The Ministries of Trade, Industry & Energy, Strategy & Finance and Land, Infrastructure & Transport announced on Jan. 21 that they voted for a plan for the promotion of business in Iran so that joint-stock automobile companies can be established in Iran and cooperation projects can be launched in the shipbuilding and port industries of the country where economic sanctions were recently lifted.
The plan includes financing assistance for more plant construction orders from Iran, cooperation in production by means of a complete knockdown and the like, and collaborations between the Korean and Iranian governments. In the automobile industry, joint-stock companies are to be set up and models are to be developed with Iranian manufacturers. At the same time, business conferences and forums are held so that more Korean medical equipment and agricultural machinery manufacturers can find opportunities in the Middle Eastern country.
Iran’s feasibility studies regarding port development are to be supported by Korea and IR sessions are organized as well. Furthermore, the cooperation between the two countries is expected to the take the form of the resumption of ICT cooperation committee activities, assistance for the penetration of the halal food market, a customs mutual assistance agreement, and other projects. Business agreements are to be scheduled with regards to healthcare policy, hospital design and medical system coordination, too.

Export factoring and forfeiting are to be utilized for the export of more products, while a framework agreement worth 5 billion euros (US$5.4 billion) will be concluded for financial assistance in the fields of hospital establishment, power generation and so on. Also, a dollar-covering settlement system will be introduced, while Korean banks are allowed to set up branches in Iran.


[Monthly SIMTOS] SIMTOS 2016 Provides Travel Services for SIMTOS Customers

SIMTOS 2016 Provides Travel Services for SIMTOS Customers

SIMTOS 2016 has finished building online reservation system to provide convenient travel services for SIMTOS 2016 customers.

You could not only make reservation regarding accommodation and flight tickets   but also offered a hotel room with special rate from  April 1st ~ 24th, 2016.

Right now you could make the reservation at SIMTOS website.

Please refer to the below information to use online reservation system .

Main Offering Service

   - Flight and accommodation reservation (Online) with special rate from April 1st ~ 24th, 2016

   - City tour for foreign exhibitors & visitors

   - Shuttle bus service between KNTEX and hotels 

     * At least 2 times during the exhibition (April 13th ~ 17th, 2016)

Process of reservation for accommodation and flight

·Reservation for accommodation

[STEP1] Visit SIIMTOS2016 official website (
Click Business Trip to SIIMTOS → Click Accommodation
[STEP2] Check Official Hotel List and Information (Distance, Room rate, Breakfast, etc.)
[STEP3] Click Booking and Next. Enter information required
(Name, Nationality, Passport number, Date of check-in & out, Tel, E-mail, Shuttle bus)
[STEP4] Click Submit and Buy now (connected to PayPal)
*If impossible, submit hotel application and send it to
[STEP5] Receive the voucher via E-mail
*If you do not receive the voucher, please call +82-70-7099-6287
[STEP6] Present the voucher when check-in
·Reservation for flight

[STEP1] Visit SIMTOS2016 official website (
Click Business Trip to SIIMTOS → Click Accommodation
[STEP2] Click Airline Ticket
[STEP3] Enter information required (Name, Nationality, Passport number, Date of birth, Date of expiry, Tel, E-mail)
* Please do not forget to upload the copy of passport
[STEP4] Click Reserve
[STEP5] Receive itinerary and Rules & Regulations
[STEP6] Issue the flight ticket when the customer's request and the itinerary is identical
[STEP6] Receive e-ticket

 ·Official Travel Agency service center (Ujin tour & Adventure Travel)

 Service provided
Business hours
Reservation for accommodation
09:00 - 18:00
 (Korean time)
Reservation for flight
City tour


If you have any questions and problems, feel free to contact SIMTOS 2016 official travel agency, Ujin tour Joy & Adventure Travel.