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SIMTOS`16 Matchmaking4U

■ SIMTOS`16 Matchmaking
Database of Dec. 17
Title SIMTOS 2016 Matchmaking4U
(The 17th Seoul International Manufacturing Technology Show 2016)
Matching Dates Online Matching - `15. 1 ~ `16. 4
On-site Matching - `16. 4. 13(Wed.) ~ `16. 4. 17(Sun.) [5 days]

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(Database of Jan. 8, 2016)
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[SIMTOS Story] CAD/CAM, Measuring Systems, Automation & Robotics Pavilion (Hall 7-8, KINTEX2)

CAD/CAM, Measuring Systems, Automation & Robotics Pavilion (Hall 7-8, KINTEX2)

E3PS Co., Ltd.

Simple & Convenient PLM Software with professional PMS Solution

E3PS Co., Ltd.(provider of solution and software from PTC Corporation) participate SIMTOS2016 CAD/CAM, Measuring Systems, Automation & Robotics Pavilion(hereafter S/W Pavilion) and try to show off ‘Simple & Convenient, but innovative PLM System. It is a PLM Software with professional PMS Solution that operating using singular platform, so that make users able to manage all the information of every stages systemically.

Stand #(08D750)  Contact(+82-2-576-2997)  Website(

Major Customers:   HAAN Corporation, Daesung Electric, SAMSUNG Fire & Marine                                             Insurance, SAMSUNG C&T, Hyundai WIA

End-user Industry:  Automotive, Industrial/Commercial Machinery, Appliance,
    Other Manufacturing

Products:                 3D CAD Software, CAM Software, CAM Software for Automation,
    Injection Mold Analysis Software, Sheet Forming Analysis Software,
    and Etc.


3D Printer ‘ProX 400 DMP’

K-TECH is the first authorized dealer of 3D System & High-end industrial 3D Printers that contracted reselling and maintenance. In SIMTOS2016 K-TECH show off 3D Systems’ 3D Printer – ProX 400 DMP. It manufactures high-quality & density metal parts by using and less micro metal power and utilizes various parts: Cobalt Chrome, Aluminum, Titanium, Ceramic, and etc. Moreover, 5~30μ superfine laser printing technology able to embody any shape without limit.

Stand #(07D930)  Contact(+82-1899-8731)  Website(

Major Customers:   Hyundai Motors, Hyundai Mobis, SSANG YONG Motors,
   SAMSUNG Electronics, LG Electronics, and Etc.

End-user Industry:  Industrial/Commercial Machinery, Other Manufacturing

Products:                 3D Printer for Plastic, 3D Printer for Metal, 3D Scanner, Molding                                             Material, Outsourcing Service, and Etc.

SPACE Solution Co., Ltd. – Automatic Mold Quote Program(T-EST)

SPACE Solution Co., Ltd. (NX products’ Distributor and Technical Supporter & T-solution program developer) exhibit Automatic Mold Quote Program(T-EST) in SIMTOS2016. T-EST is a very first program in Korea that Space Solution developed. Based on 3D molding designs, it automatizes molding quotation throughout the experience of 3D Modeling Analysis & 3D Design. It is well-known that quotation performed by excel before however, by using T-EST, it is possible to calculate exact cost of design and processing.

Stand #(07D580)  Contact(+82-31-458-7783)  Website(

Major Customers:   SAMSUNG Electronics, LG Electronics, Hyundai Heavy Industry,                                           Hyundai & Kia Motors, KAI, Daelim Motors, Hyosung, and Etc.

End-user Industry:  Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial/Commercial Machinery, Energy,
    Appliance, Medical/Surgical, Military/Defense, Shipbuilding, Heavy                                         IndustryFabricated Metal/Stampings

Products:                 Sheet Metal Design Software, Mold Design Software, Automation,
    Robot Controller, 3D CAD Software, Automation, Reverse Engineering     Software, and Etc.

SEJOONG Information Technology Co., Ltd. – 3D Systems’ 3D Printer

SEJOONG Information Technology Co., Ltd. exhibit 3D System’s 3D printer in SIMTOS 2016. Based on 3D Scanning device, CT and 3D CAD model data, it laminates the materials that characteristically fit respective equipment. Also, it equips the technology that reduces the processing time in 3D shape manufacturing. SEJOONG Information Technology secured various line-up of 3D Systems’ products: diffusion 3D printers, Plastic, Wax, 3D Multijet printer for dental, 3D Colorjet printer for Powder. Throughout SIMTOS2016, SEJOONG will advertise 3D Printers in many different fields.

Stand #(07D820)  Contact(+82-2-3420-1172)  Website(

Major Customers:   HAAN Corporation, Daesung Electric, SAMSUNG Fire & Marine                                             Insurance, SAMSUNG C&T, Hyundai WIA

End-user Industry:  Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Construction, Military/Defense,
    Medical/Surgical, Shipbuilding, Industrial/Commercial Machinery,
    Appliance, Heavy Industry, Architectural Engineering,                                           Education/Academic, Furniture, Other Manufacturing, Other                                 Transportation, Others

Products:                 3D Printer for Plastic, 3D Printer for Metal, 3D Scanner, Molding                                             Materials, Outsourcing, and Etc.