Tuesday, February 12, 2013

[SIMTOS2014] Participation Guide

The production of machine tools is expected to grow approximately 5.1% on-year in 2013.

The growth of domestic demands is likely to stay a single digit due to the weakness of the new car development.

Hoewever, going global for Korean companies in line with export will be positive becase the export to China, which is the biggest export market for South Korea, stayed same and to India, Turkey and Southeast Asian countries was increased with the going up of the manufacturing industry in the USA.

Therefore, the SIMTOS2014 executive office is going to  prepare for the next exihibition as it becomes your companies' second Sales Team.

<Please apply for paricipation in advance for good locations of booths and discount benefits>

1. As long as you sign up for the SIMTOS2014 to participate in advance, you can get more points when  assigning locations of booths.

 - You get 30 points before 6th in March 2013 and just a point after then.
 - Scoring will be different according to application for participation and date for payment. So, you   need to fill out an application form in a hurry.

2. The period of the advance application is proportionate to the discount rate of a booth.

 - If you sign up until 30th in April 2013, you will get a 40.5% discount while you will be given a 33.8% discount if you do until 30th In June. Thus, I'd like you to take a chance to reduce an entry fee in a hurry.

3. Guide for entry fees and assignment of booths
Advanced Application
General Application A
General Application B
General Application C
Application in Waiting
Due dates
~ 30. 4. 2013
~ 30. 6. 2013
~ 31. 8. 2013
~ 10. 31. 2013
~ 1. 11. 2013
During November in 2013
Korean Companies
Companies from Other Countries
US $1,782
US $ 1,980
US $ 2,304
US $ 2,601
US $ 2,988
Discount Rate

4. Deadline for application and due date for payment

You can apply for it through the electronic data processing on the SIMTOS2014 official homepage ( and a data processing registration date is acknowledged as application for the participation.

- A unit price for a booth is related by application fees below given that all participants meet the application periods and due dates for payments.

The application for the SIMTOS2014 is standardized by the due date for deposit (20%).
Deadline for making
Due dates for payment of participation fees
Deposit (20%)
Middle Payment 1 (30%)
Middle Payment 2 (50%)
Advanced Application
~ 30. 4. 2013
Within 2 weeks
~ 13. 9. 2013
~ 1. 17. 2014
General Application A
~ 30. 6. 2013
General Application B
~ 31. 8. 2013
General Application C
~ 31. 10. 2013
Within 2 weeks
Application in Wating
~ 1. 11. 2013

* If you don't meet the schedule, your qualification will be removed applying for the following schedule.
5. Cancel and penalty of downsizing a booth
As long as a company submitted an application cancels a part or everything of their joining scale, they must pay cancelation charge withing 15 days to the organising committee according to the rules below. But If you had paid the participation fee, it will be deducted for the cancelation charge. On top of that, you must pay remaining fee when shortage while we are going to refund when surpus.

When cancelling all 8 days ago of the booth allocation day

40% of the booth rent (No additional fees)

When cancelling all 7 days ago of the booth allocation day

100% of the booth rent (No additional fees)

When cancelling partly 7 days ago of the booth allocation day

40% of the booth rent (No additional fees)

6. How to join


1) Required Documents
  - A copy of business licence
  - A copy of guide for exhibits
2) Contact
  Tower Crystal Building 4F 1008-1 Dae-chi dong Gangnam-gu Seoul South Korea
  Tel:82-2-1599-2721 FAX: 82-2-6280-2721 Email:
7. Schedule for participation

During Mar.
Briefing session for participating companies
30th Apr.
Deadline for the advanced application
15th May
Due date for the deposit payment for advanced application (20%)
30th Jun.
Deadline for the General Application A and for domestic companies application
15th Jul.
Due date for the deposit (20%) and the middle charges for the general application A
31th Aug.
Deadline for the general application B
13th Sep.
Due date for the deposit (20%) and the middle charges (130%) for the general application B
31th Oct.
Deadline for the general application C
14th Nov.
Due date for the deposit (20%) and the middle charges (130%) for the general application C
During Nov.
Workshop for participating companies
(allocation of booths, marketing techniques seminar to attract visitors, distribution of free tickets and notice of take-in / take-out schedule)
Dec. ~
Submit an application to use additional facilities
Refer to the participation rule for the SIMTOS 2014
17th Jan.
Due date for the deposit (20%), middle payment 1 (130%), middle payment 2 (50%)
14th Mar.
Fare adjustment: installation charge for basic booth (option), utilities for additional facilities (electricity, phone, compressed air, etc.) and VAT for participation fee such as ad expense
SIMTOS2014: 9th Apr. (Tue) ~ 13th (Sun)
Issuing tax invoices

* If this schedule changes, we will announce it on the SIMTOS 2014 homepage (

Friday, February 1, 2013

Coexit of practical technology and advanced technology

[oooooooooooooooooo] was decided as the topic of the SIMTOS 2014 in oder to view all manufacturing technologies from materials to products production, as well as steel cutting.
Lately, the domestic machine tool industry has been in trouble because the demand of the development of new models in the car industry is low. Moreover, the global economy has grown lower since the economic crisis in 2008.
So, the SIMTOS 2014 is going to unveil various forward-looking technologies while convey practical messages to participating companies to help them realistically.
What's more, a wide variety of promotions and benefits would be useful for them to share the difficulties one another.
Result of the SIMTOS 2012
1. 5,274 booths installed by 763 compaies from 34 counties

2. the fisrt exihibition utilised all exihibition halls in KINTEX

3. arranged fisrt-ever 6 exihibition halls specialised specific fields in the SIMTOS

4. approximately 54,000 people of attendees through the advance registration

5. 371 companies newly participated in the SIMTOS 2012

6. 66,063 cases of coucils in line with export and purchases, $1,866m contracts

7. over KRW 1 trillion worth of stimulation effects in the domestic industy
Exihibition Overview for the SIMTOS 2014
1. Period: 2014. 04. 09 (Wed.) ~ 13 (Sun.)

2. Attendees: 100,000 people


4. Participating Companies: 760

5. Exhibition Halls: KINTEX 1 and 2 exihibition halls
If 50,000 people visit an exihibition, it will be possible to make a successful business. However, as long as 100,000 people participate in it, it starts industrial culture beyond just businesses.

Therefore, the SIMTOS 2014, which makes exchange culture of production technology beyond exihibition business, is going to show the present, the future of production technology and invaluable worth with 100,000 participants as the SIMTOS 2012 did.