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[SIMTOS Story] When can we meet SIMTOS ?

When can we meet SIMTOS?

 Before & after SIMTOS WEEK(April), there is no related exhibition not only in Korea but
worldwide. Korea is world’s 5th machine tool producer and 4th consumer at the same time.
Thus, it is an important market worldwide. There are no such exhibition during 5 months
after SIMTOS WEEK(April) in China, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, and etc. It shows that
SIMTOS is competitive.

Only Machine Tool Exhibition in Even Years 
 SIMTOS is the only one that utilize KINTEX exhibition center 1 & 2. Also, in odd years, there are many machine-related exhibitions in Korea. However, SIMTOS is only one in even years.

SIMTOS Opens the Path to the World  
 Competitiveness of SIMTOS is ‘Present New Products’ and ‘First Step to Global Market’. During 2 years, SIMTOS exhibitors put their efforts to develop technology and prepare exhibition marketing. Then, they present new products and technology at SIMTOS. According to SIMTOS2014 statistics, average exhibit of SIMTOS exhibitors is 22.3. And 6 of them are new products. As new products 2,160(30.6%) out of total exhibit 7,050 shows, SIMTOS really is the platform of new products launch.



[Monthly SIMTOS] Find your partners at SIMTOS - Analysis of SIMTOS exhibitors

Analysis of SIMTOS exhibitors

  Compared to SIMTOS2014, SIMTOS2016 has reached 104.5% and has exceeded the goal 5,000 stands into 5,700 stands above. Since the statistics came out 9 months prior, SIMTOS office expects gradual and drastic increase. Especially, there are enlargement of stands and rapid registrations in 2016. Numerous fresh exhibitors keep on applying for SIMTOS2016, so it reached 10% of total exhibitors. 45% of re-applying attendees expend their stands. For, 55% of SIMTOS2016 exhibitors are whether new attendees or enlarged their stands.


According to statistic analysis by halls, SIMTOS 2016 “Machine Tool” and
“Parts & Material” companies largely increased as 114.7% and 118.4%.
Hall #10, “Cutting-off & Welding”, grew as 119.3%. For those reasons, there is waiting list of exhibitors willing to attend SIMTOS2016. The distinguished phase of this year is that machine tool co-related products: tools, software, control system, and automation increased. Also, hall #9 – CAM/CAM, Measuring system, Automation & Robotics as increase of attendee, relocated to hall #7 & #8. Furthermore, constitution of “Manufacturing Software Engineering Special Pavilion” boosted the application of software products.
 Many studies proved that Cutting & Molding machines, Welding machines, Press and banding machines are the core consumer of Automation, Tools, and Software. SIMTOS authorities said that it would be great opportunity to attend SIMTOS2016 as discovery of business and potential partners using MatchMaking4U – SIMTOS2016’s Unique & special program that matches buyers and companies beforehand.


[Monthly SIMTOS] SIMTOS 2016 Matchmaking4U in Italy (EMO 2015)


SIMTOS 2016 Matchmaking4U in Italy

 SIMTOS Matchmaking team with Korean companies will visit EMO2015 to find new partners in Italy! You can join in SIMTOS2016 Matchmaking4U as a buyer by participating in SIMTOS2016 Machmaking4U in Italy[EMO2015] at this time.
According to your matchmaking result with Korean companies from now on, considerable expense support will be given when you visit SIMTOS2016 in Korea.
You definitely need Matchmaking Program, If you want to know about Korean companies or products. And it would give you opportunities that broaden your business area.
Why don’t you do online registration and check the attached Korean Company List. Check your interesting company in the file and then send it back to me! We will make time schedule for your business meeting with your favored Korean company.


1. SIMTOS 2016 Matchmaking4U in Italy

■ Date : Oct. 5thto10th(6days),2015
■ Venue : Korean companys stall in EMO 2015, Milano, Italy
- About 20 Korean companies attending EMO 2015*
*You could know Korean companies by checking the attached file.
- Buyers hoping to meet Korean companies

2. The process of Matchmaking4U in Italy  
[Step 1] Online registration for meeting with Korean companies in EMO 2015
-It is necessary step to participate in Matchmaking4U in Italy, please click here

[Step 2] Send the exhibitors the registered buyer list
-They can check interesting buyers up to 5.

[Step 3] Check interesting companies click here and then send it to
-It is possible for buyers to choose the companies up to 5 from the file we attached.

[Step 4] Matchmaking
-If both sides(Korea company and buyer) would like to meet in EMO 2015,
we will make time schedule for business meeting.

[Step 5] Business meeting in Korean company‘s booth in EMO 2015

If you want to participate in Matchmaking4U in Italy, please check your interesting companies(up to 5) click here and send it to
 by Sept. 11 2015.
SIMTOS is always open for you. Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions!

Thank you.

SIMTOS2016 Secretariat Matchmaking4U Team.
E-MAIL :, TEL : 82-2-3459-0041/0043

[Amazing Korea] Tourists to get easier tax refunds

Tourists to get easier tax refunds

 The Cabinet on Tuesday approved a decree to allow foreign tourists tax reimbursements of up to 50,000 won ($42) in South Korea without visiting the customs office when they leave the country.
The move is part of the government’s effort to revitalize the local tourism industry, which was seriously hit by the outbreak of Middle East respiratory syndrome in the second quarter.
Formerly, inbound visitors had to apply to the customs office at the airport for a value-added tax refund of 10,000 won or more. They had to present both receipts and goods at the office.
This has been regarded as one of the few inconveniences or hurdles in terms of attracting more visitors, including a growing number of shoppers for local cosmetics products.
Under the revision, foreign shoppers don’t need to visit the office as long as they purchase a product priced at up to 750,000 won, which correlates to a refund of 50,000 won.
Myeongdong, a major shopping district in downtown Seoul, brims with visitors on June 28. (Yonhap)
A record high of 14.2 million foreign nationals visited the country in 2014, compared to 12.2 million a year before. The government has set the goal of attracting 20 million tourists by 2017, and was planning to boost services to cater to the growing number of Chinese visitors.
The flow of visitors, however, slowed from late May to early July due to the MERS outbreak, which claimed 36 lives. The government declared a de facto end to the outbreak on July 28.
The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has striven to attract more tourists over the past few years.
Starting from Jan. 1, 2014, foreign tourists using tourist hotels in Korea are enjoying discounts of up to 10 percent through tax reimbursements. Formerly, foreigners had to pay the same amount as Korean nationals when using accommodations.
Other promotion measures included the establishment of a special police force to monitor and crack down on illegal tourism businesses and exploitation of tourists such as unlicensed tour guides who overcharge foreign visitors. The ministry also took the initiative to train migrant women from overseas as licensed interpreters and tour guides.
As another measure -- that would require parliamentary approval -- the tax authority is considering offering tax refunds to foreigners who have cosmetic surgery in Korean hospitals when they leave the country.


[Amazing Korea] Korea rises to No.6 exporter

Korea rises to No.6 exporter
 South Korea was the sixth-largest exporting nation accounting for 3.1 percent of total world exports in 2014, data showed Monday.
According to a special edition published by Statistics Korea to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Liberation Day, Korea’s exports increased from $25 million in 1956 to $572.7 billion in 2014.
The nation recently overtook France in export volume, but continued to lag behind China, the U.S., Germany, Japan and the Netherlands.
Korea ranked eighth in trade volume -- both exports and imports -- with $1.09 trillion in 2014. The country accounted for 2.9 percent of the world’s total trade.
But its high trade dependence also leaves the export-driven country vulnerable to the volatility of global economic factors such as the situation in its export destinations and geopolitical risks among its raw material trade partners. Korea saw its degree of trade dependence surge to 99.5 percent in 2014, compared to 15.2 percent in 1956.
The data also showed that the Korean economy has expanded about 31,000-fold since the Korean War (1950-1953). Its gross domestic product, which stood at 47.7 billion won ($44.7 million) in 1953, increased to 1.48 quadrillion won in 2014. Its per capita gross national income increased from $67 to $28,180 in the same period.
At 10th place in 2005, its GDP ranking has now been overtaken by countries such as Brazil (No. 7), India (No. 9) and Russia (No. 10).
Women’s participation in economic activities has also gradually increased over the past few decades. The female labor force participation rate which was 37 percent in 1963, climbed to 51.1 percent in 2014. The employment rate of women also rose from 34.3 percent to 49.5 percent over the same period.
In particular, the proportion of women among the total employed has continued to increase -- 34.8 percent in 1963, 38.2 percent in 1980, 40.8 percent in 1990, 41.4 percent in 2000 and 42 percent in 2014.
Consumer prices posted a 36-fold increase between 1965 and 2014, which indicates that a product priced at 10,000 won in 1965 would have been worth 360,000 won last year.
South Korea’s population, which surpassed 51.4 million this year, ranked 26th in the world and 13th in Asia as of 2010.
“But its population is projected to decrease to 43.96 million in 2060 after peaking at 52.16 million in 2030,” said the office.

Korea Machine Tool Market Trend in July

Korean Machine Tool Market Status (July, 2015)
☐ (Orders) ‘15. July Machine Tool Order ₩2,223B(MoM -17.3%, YoY -21.8%)
o (Domestic Orders) ₩1,283B(MoM -25.5%, YoY -4.5%),
   (Export Orders) ₩940B(MoM -2.6%, YoY -37.4%)

o (By product)
NC Metal Cutting(₩1,952B, MoM -11.1%)
Metal Cutting (₩62B, MoM -26.0%), 

Metal Forming(₩ 208B, MoM -48.8%)

o (By industry)
Automobile(₩512B, MoM -37.4%),
Steel‧Nonferrous Metal(₩74B, MoM -35.7%), 

Machinery(₩208B, MoM -25.5%), Electric‧Electronics‧IT(₩140B, MoM -11.3%)
*Metal products(₩102B, MoM +35.3%), Shipbuilding‧Aviation(₩72B, MoM -16.9%),
 Precision Machinery(₩31B, MoM +1.1%)

o Machine Tool Orders(January ~ July) ₩21,907B(YoY -0.8%)
 (Domestic Orders) ₩ 10,289 B, YoY -5.4%,
 (Export Orders) ₩11,618B, YoY +3.8%

(Production) ‘15, July Machine Tool Production ₩2,884B(MoM -4.4%, YoY -4.5%),
   Shipment ₩2,590B(MoM -11.8%, YoY -11.3%)

o Machine Tool Production(January~July, 2015) ₩21,138B(YoY +6.2%)

☐ (Exports, July, '15) $253M(MoM +16.0%, YoY +31.1%)
o Sub total of Exports (Jan.~July, '15) $1,425M(YoY +15.7%)

- By Region
Asia($634M, YoY+15.9%), North America($226M, YoY -7.7%), Europe($298M, YoY -10.7%), Central and South America($228M, +236.0%)

*ratio of Exports(‘15.Jan.~July) by region : Asia(44.5%), Europe(20.9%), North America(15.8%)Central and South America(16.0%)

☐ (Imports, July, '15)$137M(MoM +0.7%, YoY -2.2%)

o Sub total of Imports (Jan.~ July, '15) $864M(YoY -21%)

- Asia($580M, YoY +6.1%), North America($36M, YoY -4.5%), Europe($243M, YoY -18.1%)

*₩ : Korea Won, $ : US dollar, B= Billion,  M=Million



Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The HEART of the Smart Factory, 'Automation' at SIMTOS 2016, KINTEX

The HEART of the Smart Factory, 'Automation' at SIMTOS 2016, KINTEX

- Automation, the media liaised between mankind, machine, and I.T. and SIMTOS
- New arrival "Engineering Software for Manufacturing Zone" in exhibition hall 7&8 SIMTOS2016

In the reference to Korea Government's 'Manufacturing Innovation 3.0 Policy', Korea expect 10,000 smart factories like one of the renowned smart factory of SIEMENS located Amberg, Germany. Hence, there is secured budget of $240 billion, and scheduled to gradual investigation till 2017. If the policy being succeeds, one third of manufacturing factories in Korea would equip IT base production system.

There is no doubt that I.T.(information technology) and necessities for realizing automation such as soft wares, sensor, control and handling technology is key to establish the Smart Factories. In order to notify significance of ‘Automation’, the media liaised with mankind, machine, and I.T., SIMTOS2016 plans to build Smart Factory in KINTEX, Apr. 2015.

Production Automation for Smart Production System

We may consider that the trend of automation in the past as a clue for mass production era. However, recent automation that actively spread among manufacture businesses is not only simple factory automation but also automation of whole production system. So to speak, it would be a factory that liaised between mankind and machine.

Our government spurs 'Manufacturing Innovation 3.0 Policy' to be more competitive in global manufacture environment and to accumulate foundation of a creative economy. As many people acknowledged, creative economy refers to build something out of originals. In this context, cooperation and cooperation of experts, info-communication technology, and fusion techniques lead to qualified and low-cost production, and it has more competitiveness over a creative economy. Korea’s new strategy makes it possible from high quality mass production until customized production. Thus, automated production system is a key to trigger Smart Factory environment.

SIMTOS, the Compilation of Automation and Front Back Manufacturing Process

To take advantages over global market and to appeal demand industries the better quality and technologies, more active advertisement and marketing for automation companies is required. Particularly, companies ought to introduce potential and innovative products for raising their brand image and value. Therefore, renowned public relations meet the necessity.

Exhibitions related automation take great parts for advertisement gradually and there are numerous exhibitions and events in Korea. Nevertheless, ability to figure out the event that performs simultaneous technical cooperation with advertisement and that companies and consumers could blend in is needed. SIMTOS, the largest exhibition fair in Korea that contains compilation of automation and front back manufacture process would be an effective option.

SIMTOS has exhibitors that categorized from planning stages to complete productions such as machine tools, parts, forming machines, welding, laser-cutting, cutting tools and etc. Furthermore, this fair exhibits every automation items: CAD/CAM, CAE, PLM, measuring equipment, solution, sensor, measurement controller, network parts, motors and software; and industrial robots designed for handling and controlling production system throughout specialized hall. In addition, participating companies are in need of automation system.

For these reasons, entry of automation items such as software, measuring equipment, robotics, and etc. remarkably increased since 2012.170 exhibitors of 21 different countries participated at the last show but about 20 companies were not able to attend because of late-apply. Accordingly, SIMTOS 2016 enlarges fairground half as much as 2014 and arranges a themed pavilion of CAD/CAM, Measuring Systems, Automation and Robotics at hall 7 and 8 that was before hall 9.

Engineering Software for Manufacturing Zone in hall 7and 8 at KINTEX 2

In order to dedicate for Smart Factory project, SIMTOS 2016 office creates “Engineering Software for Manufacturing Zone” in hall 7and 8 at KINTEX 2 and recruits automation and software technology items that are core for Smart Factory.

The very first concept, “Engineering Software for Manufacturing Zone l”, created as Station Type which any other Korean exhibitions didn’t try yet. This type of booth designed for specifically efficient software presentation. This fresh and innovative attempt would lead for sure SIMTOS2016 to Festival with Manufacture Engineering and Software.
SIMTOS 2016 will be held during Apr. 13, 2016 ~ Apr. 17, 2016 in KINTEX, Korea. Online application of SIMTOS 2016 is recommended. For further information and details, 
go to (,+82-2-3453-2721).

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New Exhibitors at SIMTOS 2016

New exhibitor at SIMTOS 2016 

- Ace Micromatic Group 

The product of turning centers, machining centers, grinding made by Ace Micromatic Group ranked Top No. 1 of Machine tool Revenue in India will be exhibit at SIMTOS 2016 as the first time.  Ace Micromatic Group built up Korean dealer named “Bae Young Machine” recently and they will aggressive marketing to launch the twin spindle machining centers not to be in popular in Korea market at SIMTOS 2016.

- Materialise 

They as a leader in additive manufacturing (also known as 3D printing) will exhibit their product at SIMTOS 2016. In 2015, Materialise celebrates 25 years of providing additive manufacturing software and sophisticated 3D printing services in 2015.