Thursday, December 26, 2013

[Matchmaking4U]Exhibit Preview ⑪: JALMAN PRECISION Co., Ltd.

A Greater Range of Hard-to-Get Bearings
Jalman Precision Co.,Ltd. (JMC) produces about 1,300 kinds of special bearings, including Needle Roller Bearings, Rod Ends, Ball Joints, Spherical Plains and LM strokes, which have been developed with its own technology accumulated over the past 40 years. JMC supplies these products not only to the Korean market but also to various industrial machinery and factory production lines in about 30 countries around the world.

Rod and Bearing
JMC rod end bearings are manufactured to suit diverse usages and environments. Among the products, JFT and JMT types have a special non-oil material in between the ball and the body, providing high stability and semi-durable use without the need for oil where free movement is required.
Spherical Plains
JMC's spherical plains are sliding bearings particularly suitable for accommodating heavy radial loads and generally used for bearing arrangements where certain misalignment of the shaft in regard to the housing, or tilting or rotational, oscillatory motions with relatively slow sliding velocities occur.

Ball Joints
The company's main ball joint products are ZBL & ZBS. In addition, it produces similar types such as thrust joints by special order. ZBL is a kind of bearing used for linkage control in rotating and oscillating applications to facilitate rod linkage motion in various industrial machinery. The company's thrust joints are stud bolts welded electrically with high precision steel balls and assembled in a steel body.

Track Rollers
JMC has two types of track rollers - stud type and yoke type. The former is suitable for automatic machinery, specialized machinery, cam-working assembly, various carrying facilities, etc. and the latter for the accommodation of high loads and applied as guide rollers, rock valve rollers, eccentric rollers and table support rollers.

Monday, December 23, 2013

[Matchmaking4U]Exhibitor(10) SAPORITI, ITALY

SAPORITI is an Italian Company with a long experience in the design and manufacture of machine tools. Established in 1946, it is located on an area of 13'000 sqm, 3000 sqm of which are covered. Saporiti manufactures state-of-the-art machines to offer high performance, qualify and reliability and meet their customers' needs. 90% of the company production is exported mainly to Europe, America and the Far East.
Saporiti machines are designed internally where also the main working process are being carried out; the bed frames are manufactured by qualified Italian suppliers. Assembling and testing activities are performed together with the customer before taking care of the packing for shipment. Saporiti highly qualified technicians install and commission the machines in customers plan.
The company philosophy is to offer quality machines with the best quality material and latest technology to avoid any problem. Saporiti can count on an Authorised Export Certificate.

1. Ball valve grinding machines suitable for the grinding of ball of valves in steel or coated by satellite, ceramics CBN or others materials. These machines come in different ranges from 1” to 64”. The smallest is for balls up to 250 mm in diameter and the largest up to 2500 mm. the machine are equipped by Renishaw with customized software for the easy cantering of the tool-ball.

2. Thread milling and whirling machines for screw manufacturing.These screws are for plasticizing machines, reducers, pumps and conveyors. We have models with end mills, disc cutters and whirling units. We have our own screw software to assist with programming.

3. Deep-hole drilling-boring-honing-rolling machines. There are different models with fixed or rotary workpieces and also for the manufacture of twin screw barrels. Also the possibility to have controlled boring tools for internal profiling (bottle boring)

Thursday, December 19, 2013

[Matchmaking4U]Exhibit Preview ⑩: WIN&TECH KOREA Co., Ltd.

New-Concept Green-Oriented Win Mist Series
Win & Tech Korea contributes to the reduction of processing & maintenance costs and the improvement of working environments by supplying its oil mist series that adopt a MQL (Minimum Quantity Lubrication) processing system for domestic metal processing production lines. In recognition of its achievements, the company won the National Assembly's Knowledge Economy Committee Chairman's award in the green industry technology innovation category of the 2010 Korea SME Innovation Grand Prix for the first time among related business communities.

Warter Mist 
Win & Tech's flagship product, water mist, was developed for machinery applications where the use of oil mist is not possible. The company developed the technology to manufacture 10L and 20L models. The product is suitable for machining, grinding, turning and pressing of difficult-to-cut materials like titanium.

Oil Mist
The company's oil mists feature supply air pressure up to 9.9kgf/cm2 and an oil load capacity of up to 2.5L (effective). Applicable machines are medium & large machining centers, NC lathes (turret), high-speed processors, etc.

WSTP Win Mist
A low cost-type series of oil mists developed into export items featuring unit prices reduced by nearly 50%, while maintaining the function of its patented technology for high-quality oil mists.

Win Drain
A filterless mist elimination device, the functions of which have been verified by the Meter and Petrochemical Testing and Research Institute (MPI) in Korea. As there is no need to replace a filter, the product can be used semi-durably without additional maintenance. (Moisture removal over 95%)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

[Matchmaking4U]Exhibitor(9) BONAWILL CORPORATION, TAIWAN

About Bonawill Corporation
Bonawill Corporation was established on Mar. 14, 1988, and specialized in handling many kinds of machinery parts to the machine tool field and industrial field in Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Sweden and Taiwan like as :Spindle (Belt, Direct Drive and built-in), Pull stud type clamping, ATC/Magazine (Disk type, Chain type for Vertical and Horizontal M/C), Ballscrew, Support unit of Ballscrew, Precision ground Lead Screw and Nut, Chip conveyor (steel belt chip conveyor, scraper type chip conveyor), Telescopic steel cover, Work Light (Halogen, Fluorescent Tubular Light, LED), Oil Cooler, Power Chuck, collet, Oil Skimmer…etc. For many years, Bonawill has never strayed from its adherence to its core corporate values of “Trust, Professionalism, and Sustainability”. Externally, Bonawill proactively cooperate with clients to ensure products that fulfill clients' requirements and expectations and thus generate successful relationships and a positive future outlook. In the future Bonawill will continue to share good quality products with our clients.

Bonawill Corporation in SIMTOS 2014
Bonawill will participate in SIMTOS2014 because of keeping growing Korea market. This time Bonawill focus on machine tool field and industrial machinery field. At SIMTOS2014, Bonawill will exhibit with Royal Precision Tool Corporation together. Not only high accuracy direct-drive spindle and build-in spindle will be exhibited, Bonawill would like to introduce other parts to Korean group. Bonawill is able to provide excellent competitive products and services, and want to support Korean group to improve both companies win-win opportunities

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

[Matchmaking4U]Exhibit Preview ⑨: UGA PRESS Co., Ltd.

Hydraulic Press Specialist, Top Export Partner
Since starting its hydraulic engineering business in 2008, UGA has grown into the leading hydraulic press manufacturer and hydraulic system engineering company, providing its products to automotive, electronics and high precision industries both at home and abroad.
Backed by its specialized and experienced expert staff, UGA is also acting as an exporting partner of major Korean industrial machine manufacturers of such items as mechanical presses, feeding machines, robots, steel coil line systems, die casting machines and other related industrial machinery.

NC Die Spotting Press
UGA's NC die spotting press features a pump with variable piston that enables free control of oil flow and pressure to achieve a soft slide motion, low energy consumption and longer life of the suction filter since it does not intake oil from the tank whenever the slide stops. The pump also minimizes heat-causing factors, extending the seal's life and eliminating the need for an additional cooling unit.
Unlike conventional die spotting presses, with a so-called mechanical inching process, which achieves micro-inching by lowering the slide itself using the weight of the slide and upper die, meaning the operator has to always remove the springs or shock absorbers if higher counter-pressure occurs from the lower die, UGA's die spotting press makes work easier and minimizes time loss with the pump action. As a result, if any overload exceeding the preset pressure is detected, the slide automatically moves up 30mm and stops to prevent damage to the die. Furthermore, automatic counterbalancing of the slide achieves stable slide motion regardless of whether the die weight is heavier or lighter.
Automation System
In addition to functional improvement, overhaul and relocation of hydraulic presses, UGA designs and manufactures automation systems for hydraulic forming & trimming lines and other systems tailored to customer requirements.

Monday, December 16, 2013

[Matchmaking4U]Exhibitor(8) UMBRAGROUP, ITALY

Thanks to its wide range of products, today UmbraGroup is considered to be a global supplier in the industry, capable of meeting a variety of customer needs.
The introduction in the market of recirculating ballscrews, designed to solve specific practical performance requirements such as high speed linear axis, high acceleration, high thrust loads, reduction in vibration reduction of extra long screws, has promoted wide distribution of these products, not only due to the level of performance they achieve but also thanks to a highly qualified sales network capable of intercepting customer needs and responding with the best solution.
The practical scope, flexibility and versatility have ensured similar performance in other product lines such as spindles and milling heads. The key to the success of Umbra lies in its aggressive investment policy in the areas of research and development well as continuous improvement in all areas, from design to production. The drive for excellence and the search for innovative solutions and high-performance levels have led to the production of integrated systems that respond to issues of complexity, flexibility, cost effectiveness and reliability. The combination of mechanical and electronic components requires the merging of traditional ballscrew know-how with that of engine mechanics and electronics, thus leading to new challenges in production and new business opportunities.

Today, UmbraGroup can count on significant presence of its products in the most diverse areas of the industrial world. These factors and technological advances have helped make the Umbra brand the preferred choice by the customer.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

[Matchmaking4U]Exhibitor(7) ETXE-TAR GROUP, SPAIN

About ETXE-TAR Group
ETXE-TAR, founded in 1957, is a worldwide and global leader of Manufacturing Systems for components for the Automotive, Heavy Duty and Energy Industries, supplying turn-key solutions, from the designing process to the start-up of production. Exports represent 90% of ETXE-TAR’s turnover. It has a total area of 20.000 m2 and a powerful Engineering Department.
ETXE-TAR, modular machines and optimized systems solutions

Customary to designing sophisticated production installations for the automotive industry, which requires high technological knowledge and involves increasingly upgraded know-how for the different machining processes, it possesses a modular machine concept that ensures the most suitable technical solution for each specific work piece, process or Layout.  More than 2500 installations (In-line and Dial Transfer Machines, Special Machines, Flexible Machining Centers and Flexible Machining Solutions) for diverse plants around the world are so far the result during nearly 55 years.
Meeting the demanding challenges of combining the environmental, quality and cost-efficiency factors, i.e. dry machining for several machining operations, including Deep Hole Drilling with minimum quantity lubrication (MQL), several Automotive Manufacturers have already placed their trust with these Deep Hole Drilling Centres for Oil Holes,Crankshafts and Transmission Shafts, converting Etxe-Tar in the worldwide leader for Flexible Crankshaft Manufacturing Systems. Up to now also involve in Turn-key-systems for connecting rods.
Not only machining solutions for high volume, but now also stable and aimed machine’s construction for the heavy-duty industry. Due to the great demand of custom solutions and quantities in other areas such as Energy and Chemistry, the flexible and reliable Etxe-tar´s systems have also found their stake here. Especially in the wind energy industry and Oil&Gas.
ETXE-TAR is present with own sale and service network in the most important European countries, North and South America, India and Far East with consolidated and professional structures, committed to offer a totally reliable service to the Customer.

ETXE-TAR will be present in SIMTOS2014 because the recently orders for the Korean automotive industry and growing importance of the Korean market. Focuses on improve its local presence and brand awareness.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

[Matchmaking4U]Exhibit Preview ⑧: SINKANG ENGINEERING Co., Ltd.

Expert in Special Hydraulic Power Chuck
Since it was founded in 1984, SINKANG Engineering has been focused on producing special hydraulic power chucks that fix workpieces on CNC lathes, machining centers, etc. The company supplies high-quality special hydraulic power chucks to a wide variety of business types, including automobile & parts, electronic parts and metal processing-related manufacturers.

SINKANG Engineering will exhibit special hydraulic power chucks that are mounted onto CNC lathes, machining centers, etc. SINKANG high-quality chucks are used in diverse industries, such as automobile, automotive parts, lectronic parts and metal processing.
Ball Lock Power Chuck
It can be converted from external to internal chucking within a few minutes, The SBL chuck pulls throughtout the chucking range so that it can clamp up to 10˚ slope (20˚ taper). Jaws can be automatically adjusted in left and right directions by 5˚. There is no loss is power. The chucking force is about three times the input power.
Pin Arbor Chuck
It draws the workpiece to the locator securely so that it is possible heavy cutting as well as it is suited for secondary machining that requires high accuracy. The structure of Pin Arbor Chuck ensures excellent durability without allowing the entry of cutting oil and chip.
The fixture is designed for gear manufacturing. SINKANG supply a wide variety of fixture including specialized hobbing, shaving, honing and grinding fixture. it ensures excellent product for gear hobbing, shaving, honing and grinding process.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Royal Precision Tools Corporation was established in 2003 in Taichung, Taiwan. We are dedicated to manufacturing only high precision machine tool spindles.

Our product series include:
1. Belt drive spindles
2. Direct drive spindles
3. Motorized spindles
4. Built in spindles
5. Turning spindles
6. Gear spindles

We strongly believe in going the extra mile. So we deliver only the best quality, highest speed, and most accurate spindle designs born of technical expertise. We go beyond expectations of standard quality to achieve the highest precision, stability, rigidity and efficiency. As testament to the results we provide, Royal spindles are increasingly found in machine tools made by big name international machine tool manufacturers, earning high marks along the way.
Through regular staff training, improving production processes, and the implementation of new technology for better spindle design; Royal consistently reaches higher levels in full. In 2007 we established our second and third factories one right after the other, using only the best production equipment for our lines. And we assembled an R&D team made up of only the brightest and most experienced spindle professionals.
Our built in spindle has been developed to the most exacting standards, and is now in the mass production phase. As technology requires spindles of guaranteed accuracy, Royal spindles are built using precision equipment in a temperature controlled and dust free production environment. And we have introduced top quality, high precision testing equipment to strengthen our testing abilities and spindle performance. These include coordinate measuring machine, concentricity tester, CNC rotary surface grinder, high precision vertical grinder, and balancing machine. At Royal we take pride in how we listen to and understand customer needs. Our expertise in machine tool spindles will fulfill every aspect of your specific machining requirements.
Moreover, with a strong spirit of team work and the finest production & inspection facilities available, we offer different categories of spindles in both standard and custom specifications. Successful execution of every project we embark on is our core target. Without doubt, the projects Royal has executed in Taiwan and foreign lands have achieved high approval and built strong alliances with our clients. 

At SIMTOS2014, Royal will exhibit a full range of spindles, like Motorized, Direct Drive type, Turning spindles which are suitable for different market.
Royal will participate in SIMTOS2014 since the growing of the market as well as some of potential customers in Korea