Monday, December 29, 2014

Invitation to Exhibit at SIMTOS 2016

SIMTOS 2016 Guideline to Exhibit  

Please refer to the SIMTOS 2016 Guide to Exhibit for the detail as below  link.   SIMTOS 2016 Guide

  • Title: SIMTOS2016 (The 17th Seoul International Manufacturing Technology Show)
  • Slogan: Convergence of Manufacturing Technologies and Machine Tools
  • Date: April 13 ~ 17, 2016 (5 days)
  • Venue: KINTEX 1, 2 (102,431m2)
  • Operating Hours: KINTEX 1 (09:00~17:00), KINTEX 2 (10:00~1800)
  • Exhibitors: 800 companies, 5,000 booths
  • Visitors: 100,000
  • Exhibit Products:
        - Metal Cutting & Die Mold Making Machines, Cutting-off & Bending Machines,
          Welding Machines, Punching Machines, Sawing Machines, CAD/CAM, 3D Printing
          Machines, Measuring Instruments, Control & Instrumentation Equipment,
          Automation Machines, Robotics, Cutting Tools & Tooling Systems, Power Tools,
          Presses & Peripheral Equipment, Chucks, Rotary Tables, LM Guides, Sensors,
          Spindles, Pumps, Couplings, Speed Reducers, etc.
  • Organizer: Korea Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (KOMMA)
  • Supporters:
      - Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
      - Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning
      - Gyeonggi Province
      - Korea Trade Investment-Promotion Agency
      - Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry
      - Korea International Trade Association
      - Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business

Invitation to Excellence in Manufacturing Technology
Convergence Beyond Machine Tools

SIMTOS2016 organizers are burning the midnight oil with the highest priority to
highlight the excellence of manufacturing technology’s convergence with machine
tools. Based on client-first, innovation-driven principles in the era of a hyper-connected
world, the exhibition promises to be a key link in the global value chain with the
exhibition of the latest products, marketing opportunities, state-of-the-art technology,
informative seminars, etc.

Friday, December 26, 2014

SIMTOS 2014 in Review - Buyer Analysis

Embracing 361 Strategically Invited Buyers

Overseas Buyers Cross 5,000 Mark

The number of overseas buyers exceeded 5,000 for the first time in 
SIMTOS’ 30-year history.

According to the final tally, a total of 5,409 overseas buyers, including
361 strategically invited buyers, visited SIMTOS2014 for purposes
related to buying. Comparable figures in previous events were 4,567 in
2012, 2,856 in 2010 and 2,645 in 2008.

The five-day run of SIMTOS2014 generated US$2,300 million in
business contracts & consultations, exceeding the previous record-high
of US$1,866 million at SIMTOS2012.

The number of business consultation meetings reached around 80,000
cases. Business contracts & consultations made at meetings with
domestic buyers alone came to US$25.5 million during the
SIMTOS2014 period.

Contributing to the realization of greater-than-expected business results, SIMTOS2014 organizers arranged client customized business matchmaking with the invitation of 361 influential buyers, notably from newly industrializing

China topped the list of strategically invited buyers with 58, followed by India with 41, Turkey 36, Malaysia 25,Italy 22, and Brazil and the Philippines with 20 each.
These 361 buyers participated in a combined 1,085 business consultations with exhibitors at SIMTOS2014.
Please refer to the SIMTOS 2014 in Review for more detail.

Business Consultation Results by Themed Pavilion

Overseas buyers participated in a total of 849 business consultations at the six themed pavilions, while domestic buyers combined for 189 consultations. 
The largest share of business discussions with overseas partners was achieved in
the Parts, Materials & Motion Controls Pavilion at 441, which represented 51.9% of the total. The Metal Cutting & Die Mold Working Pavilion came second at 294 cases (34.6%), followed by the Tools & Related Equipment Pavilion with 86(10.25%).

Biz Meetings With Domestic Buyers

Business contracts and consultations with domestic buyers reached US$25.5 million and US$31.7 million, respectively.

According to a survey result, 24% of domestic buyers said the purpose of their participation was to buy products, 21.6% for survey of new products & technology trends.

Domestic Buyer Analysis

CEOs and members of boards of directors accounted for 20.5% of registered domestic buyers. Research institutes topped the list of domestic buyers by
business type at 25.5%, reflecting the technological orientation of Korean buyers. By region, buyers fromSouth Gyeongsang Province accounted for 29% of the
domestic buyers at SIMTOS2014. Gyeonggi Province took second place with 24%.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

SIMTOS 2014 in Review - Visitor Analysis

Daily Average Reaches 20,070

Exceeding 100,000 Visitors Consecutively

SIMTOS2014 visitors exceeded the 100,000 mark once again.
Despite a shortening of the exhibition period to five days from the previous six, SIMTOS2014 attracted a total of 100,351 visitors, a level similar to the 104,713 visitors at the 2012 edition. 

The number of domestic and overseas visitors at SIMTOS2014
reached 94,942 and 5,409 respectively, compared with 100,122 and 4,591 at the 2012 show. 

Among the visitors were 361 overseas buyers invited by the SIMTOS2014 Secretariat. 

The number of visitors per day averaged 20,070 from manufacturing technology fields, encompassing such end-user industries as automobiles, steel, shipbuilding, aerospace, electronics & electricity, IT, etc. 
Over the past eight years, the number of SIMTOS visitors increased 64%, with 100,351 in 2014 compared with 64,505 in 2008 and 62,804 in 2010. 

Bringing Together Global Majors 

The end-user company visitors were from such world-renowned
names as Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motor, POSCO, Hyundai
Heavy Industries, KORAIL, etc.

Package Visitors From Major Korean Firms, etc.

Package visitors are primarily those that regard SIMTOS as a major platform for purchasing high-quality, high-performance products and services.

SIMTOS 2014 in Review - Exhibitor Analysis

Dynamic Shift From Machine Tool to Manufacturing Tech Exhibition

The SIMTOS2014 exhibition trend featured 55.2% growth of exhibitors at the Parts, Materials & Motion Controls Pavilion as well as a 31.3% increase at the CAD/CAM, Measuring Systems, Automation & Robotics Pavilion. The increases indicate SIMTOS’ dynamic shift from a machine tool to manufacturing technology exhibition.
The Parts, Materials & Motion Controls Pavilion attracted the largest number of exhibitors, accounting for 27.4% of the total, followed by the Metal Cutting & Die Mold Working Pavilion at 23.4%, and the CAD/CAM, Measuring Systems Automation & Robotics Pavilion with 19.7%. The pavilion that drew the largest number of participating countries was the CAD/CAM, Measuring Systems, Automation & Robotics Pavilion with 21 nations. Next came the Parts, Materials & Motion Controls Pavilion and the Tools & Related Equipment Pavilion with 14 countries each.

Return Exhibitors Form Majority

The percentage of exhibitors at SIMTOS2014 taking part in the show three to five times hit 38.6%, while those that participated in six or more shows reached 27.5%. This implies that SIMTOS is playing an important role in terms of exhibition marketing and that exhibitors are highly satisfied with their results.

No. of New Products Exhibited/Exhibitor Averaged 6.0, Up 2.18 Cases from 2012

The number of new products exhibited per company averaged 6.0, an increase of 2.18 from SIMTOS2012 two years ago and up 3.02 from SIMTOS2012. The average of new products & services exhibited per company, in order of ratio, was two (23.6%), one (22.5%) and four to nine (21.9%).

Top 10 Exhibitors by Six Pavilions 

Released SIMTOS 2014 in review

Highlights of SIMTOS2014 Performance & Results

Now we released SIMTOS 2014 in review with two versions. 

For the brief version (printed) please refer to the below. in brief.

For the detail version (online available) please refer to the below. in detail 

  • Title: SIMTOS 2014 (2014 Seoul International Manufacturing Technology Show)
  • Slogan: Convergence of Manufacturing Technologies and Machine Tools
  • Period: April 9-13, 2014 (5 days)
  • Exhibitors: 33 countries, 853 exhibitors, 5,513 booths
       - Domestic: 300 companies, 2,620.2 booths
       - Overseas: 553 companies, 2,892.8 booths
       - Overseas Booth Occupation Rate: 51.2%
  • Exhibited Items: 7,050
  • Visitors: 100,351
  • Biz Contracts & Consultations: US$2,300 million
  • Scope: Six Themed Pavilions
       - Metal Cutting & Die Mold Working Pavilion
           - Press & Metal Forming Pavilion
             - Parts, Materials & Motion Controls Pavilion
              - CAD/CAM, Measuring Systems, Automation & Robotics Pavilion
                - Tools & Related Equipment Pavilion
                  - Cutting-off & Welding Pavilion