Thursday, March 10, 2016

[SIMTOS Story] Seven Tips how to Enjoy SIMTOS 2016

[SIMTOS Monthly] SIMTOS 2016 Travel Service for SIMTOS Customers

SIMTOS 2016 Travel Services for SIMTOS Customers

SIMTOS 2016 has finished building online reservation system to provide convenient travel services for SIMTOS 2016 customers.

You could not only make reservation regarding accommodation and flight tickets   but also offered a hotel room with special rate from  April 1st ~ 24th, 2016.

 Right now you could make the reservation at SIMTOS website.
Please refer to the below information to use online reservation system.

Main Offering Service
   - Flight and accommodation reservation (Online) with special rate from April 1st ~ 24th, 2016
   - City tour for foreign exhibitors & visitors
   - Shuttle bus service between KINTEX and hotels 
      * At least 2 times during the exhibition (April 13th ~ 17th, 2016)

Process of reservation for accommodation and flight

·Reservation for accommodation
[STEP1] Visit SIIMTOS2016 official website (
Click Business Trip to SIIMTOS → Click Accommodation
[STEP2] Check Official Hotel List and Information (Distance, Room rate, Breakfast, etc.)
[STEP3] Click Booking and Next. Enter information required
(Name, Nationality, Passport number, Date of check-in & out, Tel, E-mail, Shuttle bus)
[STEP4] Click Submit and Buy now (connected to PayPal)
*If impossible, submit hotel application and send it to
[STEP5] Receive the voucher via E-mail
*If you do not receive the voucher, please call +82-70-7099-6287
[STEP6] Present the voucher when check-in
   ·Reservation for flight
[STEP1] Visit SIMTOS2016 official website (
Click Business Trip to SIIMTOS → Click Accommodation
[STEP2] Click Airline Ticket
[STEP3] Enter information required (Name, Nationality, Passport number, Date of birth, Date of expiry, Tel, E-mail)
* Please do not forget to upload the copy of passport
[STEP4] Click Reserve
[STEP5] Receive itinerary and Rules & Regulations
[STEP6] Issue the flight ticket when the customer's request and the itinerary is identical
[STEP6] Receive e-ticket

   ·Official Travel Agency service center (Ujin tour & Adventure Travel)

 Service provided
Business hours
Reservation for accommodation
09:00 - 18:00
 (Korean time)
Reservation for flight
City tour

If you have any questions and problems, feel free to contact SIMTOS 2016 official travel agency, Ujin tour Joy & Adventure Travel.

[SIMTOS Monthly] Visit Online Matchmaking4U and Enjoy!

Visit Online Matchmaking4U and Enjoy!
-Renewal Matchmaking4U-

 Matching program that open on 1st Feb. 2016 is very popular to not only exhibitors but also visitors. About 80% of exhibitors and more 2000 visitors completed registration for marketing information such as company name, e-mail, phone, interesting products, main customers and etc to participate in Matchmaking4U. 

 SIMTOS 2016 Matchmaking4U completed 1600 matching that is much more 1085 in SIMTOS 2014. 500 of them confirm the meeting in SIMTOS 2016. What is competitiveness of Matchmaking4U? SIMTOS official secretariat said four differentiation.

 First differentiation is effort to improve matching rate. Secretariat researches marketing information such as industry, interesting products, website, main customers and etc to exhibitors and visitors. The information is needed when matching. 

 Second differentiation is to boost quality of meeting. They improve quality of meeting by dividing interesting products(handling products) from two steps to three steps. Visitors could meet exhibitors who are proper for them.

 It’s possible to arrange the meeting with companies who want to meet anytime because SIMTOS secretariat would keep running Matchmaking program( after SIMTOS 2016 to develop oversea market and build relationship between exhibitors and visitors. That’s third differentiation.

 Forth differentiation is consideration for visitors. SIMTOS would provide participants in Matchmaking4U with services like the meal and transportation fee. Also oversea visitors who are invited from exhibitors could be offered expense in case of more 3 times matchmaking.  

 SIMTOS plans to start scheduling to success Matchmaking4U in March. Also they would build timetable for that participants could manage meeting and confirm meeting time.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Korean Machine Tool Market Trend in January

Machine Tool Market Status (January, 2016)

 (Orders) 16. January Machine Tool Order 1,583B(MoM -18.9%, YoY -73.3%)
o (Domestic Orders) 1,165B(MoM -2.9%, YoY -18.0%), 
   (Export Orders)
 471B(MoM -44.5%, YoY -90.7%)

o (By product)
NC Metal Cutting(
1,388B, MoM -11.6%)
Metal Cutting (
82B, MoM -0.1%), 
Metal Forming(112B, MoM -62.4%), 

o (By industry)
451B, MoM +33.8%),
Nonferrous Metal(85B, MoM +74.5%), 
Machinery(218B, MoM +7.2%), 
ElectronicsIT(139B, MoM -50.0%)

*Metal products(112B, MoM +0.9%), ShipbuildingAviation(31B, MoM -48.6%),
 Precision Machinery(
11B, MoM +57.7%)

 (Production) 16, January Machine Tool Production 1,904B(MoM -17.9%, YoY -37.8%),
   Shipment 1,552B(MoM -42.3%, YoY -43.7%)

 (Exports, January, '16) $123M(MoM -43.0%, YoY -22.1%)

- By Region
Asia($59M, YoY-46.6%), North America($22M, YoY -0.6%), Europe($22M, YoY -53.2%), Central and South America($18M, +43.0%)

*ratio of Exports(
16.Jan.) by region : Asia(48.0%), Europe(17.9%), North America(17.9%)Central and South America(14.6%)

 (Imports, January, '16)$75M(MoM -35.5%, YoY -29.4%)

- Asia($46M, YoY -34.6%), North America($3M, YoY -54.8%),
 Europe($26M, YoY -33.9%)

*ratio of Imports(
16.Jan.) by region : Asia(61.3%), Europe(34.7%), North America(4.0%) 

* : Korea Won, $ : US dollar, B= Billion,  M=Million

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Korean Machine Tool Market Trend in December

Korean Machine Tool Market Status (December, 2015)

 (Orders) 15. December Machine Tool Order 1,952B(MoM -1.2%, YoY -17.9%)
o (Domestic Orders) 1,200B(MoM -9.3%, YoY -2.7%), 
   (Export Orders) 
751B(MoM +15.2%, YoY -34.4%)

o (By product)
NC Metal Cutting(
2,047B, MoM +3.7%)
Metal Cutting (
82B, MoM +10.9%), 
Metal Forming(191B, MoM -66.8%), 

o (By industry)
532B, MoM -25.6%),
Nonferrous Metal(85B, MoM +226.5%), 
Machinery(205B, MoM -5.7%), 
ElectronicsIT(163B, MoM +23.7%)
*Metal products(136B, MoM +48.9%), ShipbuildingAviation(83B, MoM +41.7%),
 Precision Machinery(
15B, MoM +64.4%)

o Machine Tool Orders(January ~ December) 
31,784B(YoY -13.8%)
 (Domestic Orders) 
 16,812 B, YoY -8.6%,
 (Export Orders) 
14,973B, YoY -12.3%
 (Production) 15, December Machine Tool Production 2,319B(MoM -11.5%, YoY -22.0%),
   Shipment 2,690B(MoM -14.7%, YoY -21.4%)
o Machine Tool Production(January~December, 2015) 33,613B(YoY +0.0%)
o Machine Tool Shipment(January~December, 2015) 
33,417B(YoY -4.6%)

 (Exports, December, '15) $215M(MoM +42.6%, YoY -5.0%)
o Sub total of Exports (Jan.~December, '15) $2,342M(YoY +4.7%)

- By Region 
Asia($1,090M, YoY+6.8%), North America($386M, YoY -9.2%), Europe($505M, YoY -17.3%), Central and South America($301M, +182.2%) 

*ratio of Exports(
15.Jan.~December) by region : Asia(46.5%), Europe(21.6%), North America(16.5%)Central and South America(12.9%)

 (Imports, December, '15)$116M(MoM +1.9%, YoY -19.5%)

o Sub total of Imports (Jan.~ December, '15) $1,407M(YoY -5.9%)

- Asia($932M, YoY +0.0%), North America($57M, YoY -22.7%),
 Europe($405M, YoY -16.5%)

*ratio of Imports(
15.Jan.~December) by region : Asia(66.2%), Europe(28.8%), North America(4.1%) 

* : Korea Won, $ : US dollar, B= Billion,  M=Million

[SIMTOS Story] Parts Materials & Motion Controls (Hall 1-5, KINTEX1)

K-Tech Co., Ltd. - Innovative 2-channel MQL System

K-Tech Co., Ltd. supplies domestic market MachinesTools Monitoring Device, MQL System, Cutting Tool, Tool Holder, Tool Pre-setter, Angle Head, and etc. At SIMTOS 2016, K-Tech will exhibit innovative 2-channel MQL System. This system is suitable for high-speed cutting process when compressed air and cutting oil blend each other. Moreover, it could be applied for small tools that require large amount of lubricants with accurate input. Because it is possible to adjust and supply lubricant accurately regardless of speed, it builds quantification. Thus, K-Tech Co., Ltd. will operate innovative monitoring devices and tools that reduce energy and costs.

Booth number: 04A170          Tel: +82-2-803-0980


Demand Industry: Automobile, Industrial Machines, Fabricated Metal/Stampings

Products: Cleaning Machine, MQL System, Monitoring System

[SIMTOS Story] Metal Cutting & Die • Mold Working (Hall 1-5, KINTEX1)

Dae Sung GT. Co., Ltd. – Exhibit Mobile Milling ‘GTB-2800LMDF-MO’

Dae Sung GT. Co., Ltd. will exhibit various types of mobile Beveling Machines and Welding Bead Shaving Machines for welding preparation. Especially, mobile milling GTB-2800LMDF-MO has the advantages of reducing working time and providing better circumstance. Because it freely adjusts the height minimum of 0.1mm as a scale, it produces quick and fine surface profile. Dae Sung GT. Co., Ltd. will also exhibit different types of Beveling Machines and FACE-MILL type GTW products at SIMTOS 2016.

Booth number: 05A020          Tel: +82-42-627-5508


Main customers: SAMSUNG Electronics, Hyundai Mobis

Demand Industry: Industrial Machines, Shipbuilding, Heavy Equipment,                                              Fabricated Metal/Stampings

Products: Lug Removal machines, Bead shaving Machines

[SIMTOS Story] CAD/CAM, Measuring Systems, Automation & Robotics Pavilion (Hall 7-8, KINTEX2)

CAD/CAM, Measuring Systems, Automation & Robotics Pavilion (Hall 7-8, KINTEX2)
Zeiss Korea’s brand-new image measuring instrument, ZEISS O-SELECT, to be displayed. 
Zeiss Korea will introduce their new digital image measuring instrument, O-SELECT. O-SELECT measures 2D part easily and precisely in optical mode. Users can adjust lighting and focusing automatically so that the errors made by human are more likely to be reduced. Furthermore, users can obtain highly liable measurement value by just one button and results are documented in touch screen mode. This is why users can experience another level of convenience. The product has high-resolution ZEISS telecentric camera chip, which does not affect to the degree of enlargement even though the object moves towards the axis, so that it boasts accuracy of size  regardless of the distance between the object and the camera. Zeiss Korea will hold ‘Optical zone’ at SIMTOS2016 to promote their new products including O-INSPECT and O-SELECT.

Stand no. 07D740           Tel. +82-2-3140-2707           Website

Main Products Manufacturing Automation Consulting, Automation Construction, Smart Factory Solution, Conveyor and Others

Demand Industry Aerospace, Energy, Automotive, Electric, Medical, Shipbuilding, Heavy Equipment, Industrial Machines, Home Appliances and Other Manufacturing

CP SYSTEM CO., LTD to feature the new product, 'ROBO-KIT RDD system'

CP SYSTEM produces cable chains for protective wires, flexible tubes, other related connectors and robokit. The company will introduce ROBO-KIT RDD system at SIMTOS2016. Usually, cables and wires in tubes are damaged when arms and heads move or spin consistently at high speed and connected cables are pulled or loosened repeatedly which leads to knots or bending. ROBO-KIT RDD systems, however, prevents the phenomenon above by shrinking and relaxing on its own and protecting cables and it works freely no matter how robots move.  

Stand no. 08D720            Tel. +82-51-868-4356        Website 

Main Products Cable chain

Demand Industry Automotive, Electric and  Industrial Machines

Main Customer Hyundai Heavy Industries