Wednesday, September 25, 2013

[Matchmaking4U]FAQ for joining SIMTOS as a buyer

FAQ for cooperative Organizers and buyers

Q1) What process we should follow in order to participate in SIMTOS 2014 as a buyer?

Find the general outline of SIMTOS2014 in [SIMTOS2014_Matchmaking 4U_Application] that attached in e-mail. ‘The process of Matchmaking with exhibitors’ will help you to understand better.

.[About Application form]

Q1) Deadline(30, Sep, 2013) is impossible to meet. Is it possible to extend deadline?

1-1. September 30th is the first submission date for application form. It’s not a final deadline.

1-2. However, prompt submission is required in order to secure enough time to be matched with exhibitors Please submit completed application forms regularly.(Every 2weeks recommended)

1-3. All the application forms should be submitted by 31st of October.

Q2) We just need to fill out application forms attached ?

2-1. Yes, please fill out the application form clearly. All details of the form should be filled out.

2-2. Send the completed application form to SIMTOS secretariat by e-mail.

.[ How to Find information of exhibitors]

Q1). How I can get the information of SIMTOS 2014 Exhibitors ?

1-1. Find the exhibitors’ list showing interest of your country’s market. The list is attached in your e-mail

1-2. The Exhibitors’ List includes the basic information such as products, origin, and website and etc.

1-3. You can find more detail information of the exhibitors On Webhard by downloading handbook or catalogue.

1-4. On Webhard(, there are handbooks written by English or other languages. Handbook means catalogue of exhibitor and their products.

1-5. However, Not submitted all exhibitors.

Q2) How I can use Webhard?

2-1. Connect to → Enter ID and PW (ID: komma1, P/W: 5652721) Login ‘Download_Only’ ‘Matchmaking4U’ Download handbooks of your favored exhibitor.

.[About Buyers]

Q1)What is support program for buyer?

1-1. You can refer to [SIMTOS2014_Matchmaking 4U_Application] that we sent to you by e-mail.
1-2. The buyers who found matched SIMTOS-exhibitors will get priority support from SIMTOS secretariat. It means, the buyers succeeded in Matchmaking with SIMTOS-exhibitors can benefit more than those who did not find the exhibitors.
1-3. The buyers who deal with strategic product will get more benefit than those who deal with core product. The list of strategic product and core product is included in [SIMTOS2014_Matchmaking 4U_Application].
1-4. The support plan for buyers is tentative. We will let you know when change occurs.

Q2). How many persons of each company can get support?
2-1. Max 2 people can get support from each company

Q3) What is the difference between Match and Non Match of support program ?
3-1. Match
Buyers can choose the up to 5  favored exhibitors. And exhibitors are eligible for choosing buyers whose they are appropriate to be a partner. If buyer and SIMTOS-exhibitor want to meet each other, the buyer becomes matched buyer. (Refer to -1-2)
3-2. Non-Match
Non-Match means opposite to Match concept. Specifically, If buyer cannot find appropriately matched SIMTOS-exhibitor, the buyer becomes Non-Matched buyer.

3-3. At the beginning step, nobody knows who can be matched or non-matched buyer

.[About Agents]

Q1) How many buyers we can take to SIMTOS 2014?
1-1. No limitation of number of buyers inviting. The more the better.
1-2. To get fully expense support of you(organizer), your inviting company should be more than 10.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

[Matchmaking4U]Join in Matchmaking4U with buyers

Meeting with Qualified buyers at SIMTOS!

KOMMA (Korea Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association), organizer of SIMTOS2014, offers Matchmaking Service between SIMTOS-exhibitor and buyer from various countries. It will give SIMTOS-exhibitors a chance to meet trustworthy and verified buyers and also it is an opportunity for foreign buyers to expand their business area to Korea and surrounding countries.

Take part in Initial research to join in Matchmaking4U

To analyze the potentials of company, KOMMA required Initial Research regarding possible languages, whether own handbooks in foreign languages, concern nation and etc to SIMTOS-exhibitors. As a result, total 65companies (46 of Korean companies/19 of foreign companies) took a part in research and they showed positive cooperation through prompt response. For this reason, KOMMA defined the 65 devoted companies as ‘Gold’ and set them as priority group sharing with 7 major target nations.(INDIA, TURKEY, THAILAND, INDONESIA, MALAYSIA, ITALY and BRAZIL)

Dependable Matchmaking4U with foreign buyers based on
reliability and pre-verification

‘Pre-verification through pre-meeting before main meeting on the site’
Matchmaking4U is organized to find new markets with the biggest points of reliability and pre-verification. Pre-meeting enables to verify suitability for each other in advance and it can minimize the matchmaking error on site. Especially, KOMMA has close relationship with numerous associations which possess strong network with influential buyers visiting SIMTOS.
‘Look for customized buyers having purchasing power’
On the other hand, to increase satisfaction of SIMTOS-exhibitor, KOMMA strives to explore buyers from mainly SIMTOS-exhibitor's favored nations. Especially, KOMMA attracts buyers from newly emerging countries such as INDIA, TURKEY, THAILAND, MALAYSIA, INDONESIA and BRAZIL, which greeted with big changes on export strategy came from increasing of purchasing power and upgrading of industrial structure.

Monday, September 9, 2013

[Matchmaking4U]FAQs on uploading handbooks

FAQs on uploading handbooks

Q.1) What is Web hard? How to upload handbooks(catalogues or brochures)?
   A) Web hard is internet hard drive storage for secure sharing of documents, images and files.
< How to upload >
 Connect to → ID:komma1, P/W: 5652721 Login → ‘Upload_Only’
→ ‘Matchmaking4U’ → Click ‘UPLOAD’ and upload your handbooks
Q.2) Is there a standard way of naming to save files
   A) Yes. Create file names as follow
  • Change the file name into your company name.                                  Ex)KOMMA
  • Enter the kind of written language in the handbook into brackets         Ex)KOMMA(Spanish)
  • Enter the country of origin of your product after under bar.       Ex)KOMMA(Spanish)_Korea
Q.3) Should I create a folder to upload files in the same spac
    A) No. You don’t need to create a folder. We will organize uploaded files after checking condition and file format. Change the file format to PDF and upload each file.
Q.4) Do I have to change the file format to PDF in order to uploa
   A) Yes please. It is an important to keep your handbooks safe.

Q.5) Can we update handbooks for new products or some changes after upload once?
   A) Yes. Whenever you want, feel free to contact SIMTOS2014 secretariat.

Q.6) If we possess handbooks in JPEG file format, how do I do?
   A) Using MS Power Point is very quick and easy way to convert JPEG files into one PDF file.
        If the converting gives you too much stress, contact SIMTOS secretariat.

Q.7) If the handbook contains many languages, how do I give the file name?
   A) Write the all contained languages in brackets.         Ex) KOMMA(Spanish, Japanese, English)_Korea

Q.8) What is the reason that uploading handbooks?
   A) Invaluable handbooks of your company will be distributed to introduce your company and products to foreign buyers.

Q.9) If the handbooks are in the progress of developing, how do I do?
   A) It is preferable to upload currently existing handbooks for prompt progress. When brand new  handbook completed, let us know so that we can update the files.

Q.10) If I uploaded files in wrong folder, can I revise them?
   A) Sorry, you cannot delete or revise the files. SIMTOS secretariat can do only, so please reconfirm file format, correct folder and file name to prevent mistakes in advance.

Monday, September 2, 2013

[Matchmaking4U]Process of ‘Matchmaking4U with buyers’

Process of ‘Matchmaking4U with buyers’

[Step.1] Apply for ‘Matchmaking4U with foreign buyers’ and SIMTOS2014
  • Send an entry for online or through the agent in your coun
  • Confirm by phone from SIMTOS2014 secretariat

[Step.2] Fill out the ‘Initial Research’ sent from SIMTOS secretariat 

  • Whether own foreign language handbooks (Catalogues or brochures) 
  • Mark on concern nations(Multiple selection available)

[Step.3] Request submission of handbooks(Catalogues or brochures)
  •       Upload handbooks on the Web hard
  • FAQ about handbook uploading : Refer to SIMTOS2014 blog

[Step.4] Send the list of participants for ‘Matchmaking4U with foreign buyers’ to buyers
  • Enclose handbooks for effective introducing of companies and products
  • Send the company information based on Initial Research to buyers in countries

[Step. 5] Identify appropriate buyers for ‘Matchmaking4U with foreign buyers’
  • List up details of buyers who appropriate to 'Matchmaking4U with foreign buyers'
  • Send foreign buyers’ DB to participants for ‘Matchmaking4U with foreign buyers'

[Step. 6] Finalize the matchmaking and inviting buyers for B2B meeting
  • Inform support program to buyers(Roundtrip ticket or accommodation)and set an invitation

[Step. 7] SIMTOS2014 ‘Matchmaking4U with foreign buyers’ B2B meeting on the site
  • 9th ~ 13th, April, 2014 KINTEX, KOREA / Meeting at participants’ stand on the site