Friday, February 1, 2013

Coexit of practical technology and advanced technology

[oooooooooooooooooo] was decided as the topic of the SIMTOS 2014 in oder to view all manufacturing technologies from materials to products production, as well as steel cutting.
Lately, the domestic machine tool industry has been in trouble because the demand of the development of new models in the car industry is low. Moreover, the global economy has grown lower since the economic crisis in 2008.
So, the SIMTOS 2014 is going to unveil various forward-looking technologies while convey practical messages to participating companies to help them realistically.
What's more, a wide variety of promotions and benefits would be useful for them to share the difficulties one another.
Result of the SIMTOS 2012
1. 5,274 booths installed by 763 compaies from 34 counties

2. the fisrt exihibition utilised all exihibition halls in KINTEX

3. arranged fisrt-ever 6 exihibition halls specialised specific fields in the SIMTOS

4. approximately 54,000 people of attendees through the advance registration

5. 371 companies newly participated in the SIMTOS 2012

6. 66,063 cases of coucils in line with export and purchases, $1,866m contracts

7. over KRW 1 trillion worth of stimulation effects in the domestic industy
Exihibition Overview for the SIMTOS 2014
1. Period: 2014. 04. 09 (Wed.) ~ 13 (Sun.)

2. Attendees: 100,000 people


4. Participating Companies: 760

5. Exhibition Halls: KINTEX 1 and 2 exihibition halls
If 50,000 people visit an exihibition, it will be possible to make a successful business. However, as long as 100,000 people participate in it, it starts industrial culture beyond just businesses.

Therefore, the SIMTOS 2014, which makes exchange culture of production technology beyond exihibition business, is going to show the present, the future of production technology and invaluable worth with 100,000 participants as the SIMTOS 2012 did.

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