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SIMTOS 2016 already 28% of the total stand area booked by 220 exhibit companies in the one moth

SIMTOS 2016 Drawing Early International Attention

In one month 28% of the total stand area booked by 220 exhibit companies

    According to the “2013 World Machine-Tool Output and Consumption Survey” released by the U.S.-based Gardner Business Media in February last year, Korea was ranked 4thin machine-tool consumption with USD 4.476 billion annually and 7th in machine-tool import with USD 1.386 billion annually. 

   Many machine-tool suppliers single out their participation in SIMTOS as the most effective way to enter the Korean market. SIMTOS is Korea’s largest manufacturing technology show that displays a variety of items related to upstream and downstream metal-processing industries, including subsidiary materials, parts, metal-processing technologies and tools, software, and metal-processing equipment in six pavilions. 

   Joined by over 850 exhibitors from more than 30 nations around the world, SIMTOS has attracted many international companies, which accounted for over 58 percent of the total participants. SIMTOS 2014, for instance, show cased 500 exhibitors from 33 nations across the world. 

   According to the Korea Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (KOMMA), over 220 exhibit companies have submitted their applications in one month, as of February 10, 2015, which accounts for 23.5 percent of over 850 participants in total, or 28.2 percent of the total stand area. One major reason for exhibitors to hasten the submission of applications is to enjoy diverse benefits, such as early bird discounts, a longer product PR period, and an opportunity to attend business conferences. 

   The SIMTOS 2016 organizers are offering exhibitors who submit their applications by the end of April a 41.6 percent discount on the entry fee and high extra points so that they can receive preferential stand assignments. Also, early submission of the applications means a longer product PR period. The SIMTOS 2016 organizers allow participants to advertise their products for a longer period time by successively featuring their products in official magazines, local and international media, SIMTOS SNS, and E-product mailing4U, among others, starting March. The SIMTOS 2016 organizer plans to distribute the early applicants’ product PR literature, such as the “Product Preview Guide” and “A  Sneak Preview of SIMTOS” to all SIMTOS members and pre-registered visitors to the show.  

   Also, early bird applicants are eligible to participate in “Matchmaking4U,” a business consultation program unique to SIMTOS. “‘Matchmaking4U” serves as a marketplace where exhibitors and buyers have an opportunity to hold business meetings with their desired buyers and exhibitors, respectively, for business transaction and contracts. 

   The participants in the “Matchmaking4U,” which contributes to the establishment of a network of exhibitors and buyers, can take advantage of the privilege to run ads (more than 6 booths) and PR articles on the SIMTOS webzine for free. They can also have the opportunity to meet Korean buyers through the “Matchmaking4U” at various shows to be held in Korea in relation to machine tools and manufacturing technology, including INTERMOLD KOREA 2015 at KINTEX in March, BUTECH 2015 at BEXCO in May, and KOREA INDUSTRY FAIR 2015 at KINTEX in October.

   A staffer with the SIMTOS 2016 organizers describes SIMTOS as the fastest and surest shortcut into the Korean market,” urging exhibitors to “submit their applications early enough to have diverse benefits, including free ads, product PR articles, and matchmaking with local buyers, in addition to a discount on booth rental.”

SIMTOS 2016 Guide Brochure [Link]

SIMTOS 2016 Apply for Space [Link]

SIMTOS 2016 (The 17th Seoul International Manufacturing Technology Show) will be held for five days from April 13 to 17, 2016, in Exhibition Center 1 (Hall Nos. 1~5), Exhibition Center 2 (Hall Nos. 7~10), at KINTEX in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do, covering an area of 100,000㎡. One of the world’s top four machine tool and manufacturing technology shows, SIMTOS attracts over 850 exhibitors from some 30 nations around the world, featuring metal cutting and die mold making machines, cutting-off and bending machines, welding machines, punching machines, sewing machines, 3D printing machines, CAD/CAM, measuring instruments, control and instrumentation equipment, automation machines, robotics, cutting tools and tooling systems, power tools, presses and peripheral equipment, chucks, rotary tables, LM guides, sensors, spindles, pumps, couplings, speed reducers, and many more, in six pavilions.


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