Thursday, March 10, 2016

[SIMTOS Monthly] Visit Online Matchmaking4U and Enjoy!

Visit Online Matchmaking4U and Enjoy!
-Renewal Matchmaking4U-

 Matching program that open on 1st Feb. 2016 is very popular to not only exhibitors but also visitors. About 80% of exhibitors and more 2000 visitors completed registration for marketing information such as company name, e-mail, phone, interesting products, main customers and etc to participate in Matchmaking4U. 

 SIMTOS 2016 Matchmaking4U completed 1600 matching that is much more 1085 in SIMTOS 2014. 500 of them confirm the meeting in SIMTOS 2016. What is competitiveness of Matchmaking4U? SIMTOS official secretariat said four differentiation.

 First differentiation is effort to improve matching rate. Secretariat researches marketing information such as industry, interesting products, website, main customers and etc to exhibitors and visitors. The information is needed when matching. 

 Second differentiation is to boost quality of meeting. They improve quality of meeting by dividing interesting products(handling products) from two steps to three steps. Visitors could meet exhibitors who are proper for them.

 It’s possible to arrange the meeting with companies who want to meet anytime because SIMTOS secretariat would keep running Matchmaking program( after SIMTOS 2016 to develop oversea market and build relationship between exhibitors and visitors. That’s third differentiation.

 Forth differentiation is consideration for visitors. SIMTOS would provide participants in Matchmaking4U with services like the meal and transportation fee. Also oversea visitors who are invited from exhibitors could be offered expense in case of more 3 times matchmaking.  

 SIMTOS plans to start scheduling to success Matchmaking4U in March. Also they would build timetable for that participants could manage meeting and confirm meeting time.

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