Monday, August 19, 2013

[Matchmaking4U] Strength of Matchmaking4U

Combining Past Experience & Future Insight
The Matchmaking4U with Korean Buyers program focuses on meeting client demand, maximizing efficiency and practical results. In this effort, SIMTOS organizers employ a wide range of measures, combining previous experience and innovative insights.

Beyond Time
Full-Cycle Marketing Platform Before, During & After SIMTOS 2014
The Matchmaking4U with Korean Buyers program, consisting of three phases – pre-show, during the exhibition and post-show, reaches beyond time limitations to provide SIMTOS 2014 participants with maximized opportunities for success under the slogan “We will be your Sales Dept. 2.”

Beyond Machine Tools
Creative response to New Manufacturing Era
Under the show’s slogan “Convergence of Manufacturing Technologies and Machine Tools,” the SIMTOS-style matchmaking program embraces a broader scope in the emerging Manufacturing Economy Era. In addition to sales consultations, the organizers envision matchmaking that encompasses technical ties, licensing agreements, partnerships, agent relationships, investment, M&A, etc.

Beyond Organizers
An Event of the Clients, By the Clients and For the Clients
Under its client-first guiding principle, SIMTOS intends to allow the exhibitors and buyers themselves to decide their matchmaking partners after providing sufficient information from the exhibition’s extensive database. This innovative matchmaking program is further strengthened with the specialized experience, know-how and track record of SIMTOS personnel.

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