Monday, August 19, 2013

[Matchmaking4U] Details

SIMTOS organizers believe that matchmaking is the highest priority for the world-top-four machine tool exhibition in terms of scale. To maximize the potential and opportunities provided under the Matchmaking4U with Korean Buyers program, they have thoroughly analyzed previous performance and benchmarked the most successful exhibitions worldwide - identifying SIMTOS strengths and weaknesses collectively and strategically rethinking, redesigning and rebuilding the program in the spirit of ever-onward innovation for the best service to valued customers around the world.

Leveraging Valuable Assets – 942 Buyers & 90,000-Plus Membership Database
SIMTOS organizers continuously update the membership database and buyers' list, which represent valuable assets for successful matchmaking between SIMTOS exhibitors and buyers.

Reinforced Publicity & Advertising Support
To achieve successful matchmaking results, SIMTOS organizers are reinforcing publicity and advertising activities featuring exhibitors’ products/services in particular. Leveraging all channels to attract potential buyers, they are utilizing new media extensively, including blogs, Facebook and social network services, to maximize and broaden the publicity effect. Furthermore, organizers are e-mailing information relevant to specific exhibitors seeking market access in Korea to main contacts identified in its membership database and buyers’ list.

Securing Skilled Specialized Staff
To implement the matchmaking program and realize its full potential, the SIMTOS secretariat is beefing up its pool of specialized manpower in key areas. Its specialists are well versed in industrial knowledge, marketing and communication fields to complement matchmaking with the development strategic approaches for new markets in manufacturing, services, hardware, software, etc.

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