Wednesday, December 24, 2014

SIMTOS 2014 in Review - Exhibitor Analysis

Dynamic Shift From Machine Tool to Manufacturing Tech Exhibition

The SIMTOS2014 exhibition trend featured 55.2% growth of exhibitors at the Parts, Materials & Motion Controls Pavilion as well as a 31.3% increase at the CAD/CAM, Measuring Systems, Automation & Robotics Pavilion. The increases indicate SIMTOS’ dynamic shift from a machine tool to manufacturing technology exhibition.
The Parts, Materials & Motion Controls Pavilion attracted the largest number of exhibitors, accounting for 27.4% of the total, followed by the Metal Cutting & Die Mold Working Pavilion at 23.4%, and the CAD/CAM, Measuring Systems Automation & Robotics Pavilion with 19.7%. The pavilion that drew the largest number of participating countries was the CAD/CAM, Measuring Systems, Automation & Robotics Pavilion with 21 nations. Next came the Parts, Materials & Motion Controls Pavilion and the Tools & Related Equipment Pavilion with 14 countries each.

Return Exhibitors Form Majority

The percentage of exhibitors at SIMTOS2014 taking part in the show three to five times hit 38.6%, while those that participated in six or more shows reached 27.5%. This implies that SIMTOS is playing an important role in terms of exhibition marketing and that exhibitors are highly satisfied with their results.

No. of New Products Exhibited/Exhibitor Averaged 6.0, Up 2.18 Cases from 2012

The number of new products exhibited per company averaged 6.0, an increase of 2.18 from SIMTOS2012 two years ago and up 3.02 from SIMTOS2012. The average of new products & services exhibited per company, in order of ratio, was two (23.6%), one (22.5%) and four to nine (21.9%).

Top 10 Exhibitors by Six Pavilions 

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