Thursday, October 1, 2015

[Monthly SIMTOS] New Main Poster for SIMTOS 2016

New Release "SIMTOS 2016 Brand New Poster"

SIMTOS 2016 organizer, KOMMA(Korea Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association), released brand new poster design. It visualized “Metal-forming process” to appeal the better quality, leading economic recovery, and presenting vision. This emphasized the pursued aspect of SIMTOS 2016. Then, the poster is symbolizing the vision and value of SIMTOS2016.

>>SIMTOS, the Great Path to Smart Manufacturing and Business Variety
SIMTOS secretariat set up 2016 slogan, ‘For Next Technology & Business’ and released new poster design in order to experience technology of the next generation and make SIMTOS`16 as the cradle of businesses. The basic concept of new poster is introducing the present state of manufacturing and containing the meaning of ‘SIMTOS2016, Leading New Prominence & Value of Manufacturing Technology’.

>> Presenting Vision of Manufacturing, SIMTOS
SIMTOS is not only exhibition fair but the business marketing festival where advertisement, technical cooperation, network construction, and profit creation are performed. Especially, every exhibitor could be their potential and interactive customers. It is also possible that both customers and suppliers exhibit and establish close networks. In this context, SIMTOS new poster design emphasizes and visualizes the image of manufacturing process – Parts as customer, Tool as supplier. This eventually signifies SIMTOS provides new technology, opportunity to create profit and vision of manufacturing industry.

SIMTOS 2016 opens on April. 13 – 17(5 days) KINTEX, Korea. For registration and details, visit –   ☎1599-2721.

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