Thursday, October 1, 2015

[Monthly SIMTOS] SIMTOS 2016 ROADSHOW in Chennai, India

SIMTOS 2016 ROADSHOW in Chennai, India

Korea Machine tool Manufacturers’ Association(KOMMA)hosted SIMTOS2016 visited India to attract India buyers with purchasing power on Sept. 24th and 25thKOMMA held the road show to attract India buyers and introduce trend of Korea machine tool industry and SIMTOS. KOMMA has built up close relationship with Ambattur Industrial Estate Manufacturers' Association (AIEMA) to invite buyers in India that is the most influential emerging country among nations located in Southeast.  

The visit also took place in cooperation with AIEMA and KOMMA. AIEMA that was organized aiming at the development of Ambattur industrial complex where more than 2,200 manufacturers for molds, parts, electronics, machine tools and etc are concentrated, has attracted buyers in Chennai, India since 2010 as a close partner of SIMTOS. 55 people related with machine tool industry in India participated in road show hosted in Chennai that is one of important industrial places and KOMMA had the meeting with AIEMA for the cooperation in business on Sept. 24th.

Also next day, KOMMA had to time to discuss how to invite India buyers with people in charge of India branch office of domestic companies. KOMMA expected more than 5000 foreign buyers with high purchasing power to visit SIMTOS 2016. They will do the best to attract buyers from emerging countries such as China, Southeast Asia, Central and South America as well as be possible for SIMTOS exhibitors to meet interesting buyers around the world even though they don’t visit foreign exhibitions.  

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