Monday, December 28, 2015

[Monthly SIMTOS]SIMTOS to embrace the Middle East against the sandstorm!

SIMTOS to embrace the Middle East against the sandstorm!
- 20 buyers who have strong purchasing power from the Middle East to be invited to SIMTOS 2016
- Promotional stands to be installed in both Korea and UAE for the first time
- 3 Cooperative meetings with the exhibition organizers of metal manufacturing equipment from UAE and Egypt finished 

>> SIMTOS 2016 to be a Silk Road of exhibitors to export their products
The Secretariat has been inviting buyers who have strong purchasing power from rising countries as well as advanced countries to expand the market for exhibitors. In specific, the Secretariat has been networking with new buyers and exhibition organizers from all around the world, mainly popular countries among exhibitors. As one of their efforts to network, the Secretariat sent a delegation to UAE and Egypt from November 23th to 27th. The delegation had meetings with exhibition organizers to invite buyers from the Middle East.
As a result of the meetings, the exhibition organizers of UAE has decided to send 20 people as a visitors group and install promotional stands at their exhibitions for promoting SIMTOS and so has those of Egypt while the delegation of SIMTOS 2016 has agreed to participate in related exhibitions in the next January UAE and manage promotional stands for the first time in the Middle East. In other words, each country’s promotional activities will happen in both Korea and Middle East so that SIMTOS will make its position as a gate of entering into Korean machine tool and other markets.

>> SIMTOS are ready to become a legend of winning contracts of metal manufacturing machines against the sandstorm!
The delegation has found that Hallyu (the Korean wave) in machine tools and metal manufacturing machine is real thing in the Middle East. It is said that the Korean equipment is well known for its reasonable price and outstanding quality among those who used to use European metal manufacturing machines.
The Secretariat considers the meetings in the Middle East as an opportunity in the market where there has been visible increase of interest in manufacturing industry caused by growth of demand in heavy equipment. For exhibitors, it could be a chance to export their products to the Middle East and it could be a chance to establish networks with related overseas exhibition organizers for the Secretariat itself.
The Secretariat will support various marketing activities to make SIMTOS2016 become a Silk Road to the Middle East since the possibility of import and export of cutting-off machines and welding machines rather than metal cutting tool whose demand is stable in advanced countries is expected to grow.

>> SIMTOS is a certified check, Come and grab a chance of targeting the Middle East market.
There has been an early move to vitalize exporting and pioneer new markets through SIMTOS. For example, the Secretariat provides the Online matching program’ and the program is called ‘Matchmaking4U (MM4U).’ It enables exhibitors and buyers to meet on the day of the exhibition after sharing information on interesting products online so that they can have effective business meetings. The program is designed to allow advance matchmaking between each exhibitor and buyer. Each of them chooses crucial information to find the optimal partner and check requirements for contracts. It leads to increase in the feasibility of actual contracts on the spot of the exhibition.   
The 17th SIMTOS 2016 is schedule to be held from April 13th to 17th (5 days) at KINTEX, Korea. It is estimated that the exhibition will have approximately 6,200 stands of 1,000 companies from 35 countries. Visitors can register online in advance. For detailed information, visit the SIMTOS website ( 

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