Monday, December 28, 2015

[SIMTOS Story] Parts Materials & Motion Controls (Hall 1-5, KINTEX1)

Parts Materials & Motion Controls (Hall 1-5, KINTEX1) 

Kumkang Commercial Company, a supplier of caliper brakes for CNC machine

Kumkang Commercial Company provides caliper brakes of Italian company, COREMO which is one of the strategic partners of German company, Siemens in Korean market. The company will introduce caliper brakes for CNC machine of COREMO at the upcoming SIMTOS 2016. The caliper brakes have pads which are made of magnetic so that they are detachable and easy to change. They also have a warning alarm to make users change wear plates timely. Users can check whether the brakes work or not from a pilot lamp. The brakes are used to stop spindle shaft of machine tools, large winches of vessels, winches of tugboats, drill ship.

Booth number 01B240          Tel +82-2-2026-8731        Website

Demand industry Energy, Electronic, Chemistry/Oil, Medical, Shipbuilding, Metal manufacturing, Industrial machines

Products Numerical control lathes, Numerical control automatic lathes, Numerical control vertical lathes, Multi shaft automatic lathes, Multi manufacturing machines and Others

AT Company to feature quiet and easy-to-manage ‘Air Transporter’

A leader of air pressure machine manufacturers, AT Company, produces air pressure automation machines. The company exports their products worldwide including Japan, Germany, Singapore, Taiwan and China. At the upcoming SIMTOS 2016, the company will promote ‘Air Transporter’ which is invented for the first time in Asia. Air Transporter keeps users safe from dangerous situations when they do press works and also protects the forms of metal at the same time. It has high productivity and simple to install. It does not make noise and cost much maintenance expense as it consists of compressed air and simple components. .   

Booth number 02A050          Tel +82-32-652-4735        Website

Main customers POSCO, Samsung Electronics, Dongbu Lightec

Demand industry Automobile, Electronic, Industrial machines, Trading, Agriculture, Home appliances, other transportation and Others

Products Feeders, Lifts, Hydraulic cylinders, Conveyors, Hydraulic components and Accessories

Sambo Corporation to introduce spindles of IBAG 

Sambo Corporation is the official Korean branch of Swiss high-speed motor spindle manufacturer, IBAG. Spindles of IBAG are widely used in mobile phone components manufacturing, carving machine, teeth drilling machine at SIMTOS2016. Most of all, it is expected that its application scope of ball bearing spindles and spindle solution which is improved downside of air bearing spindles will draw huge attention from participants. In addition, drives, motors and encoders are waiting to be introduced.

Main customers Hyundai Wia, Doosan Infracore, Namsun Tool

Demand industry Space aviation, Energy, Automobile, Electronic, Medical, Logistic, Metal processing, Heavy Machinery, Industrial machine and Other transportation

Products Spindle units, High Frequency spindle units, drives, motors, gears, ball screws/nuts and Others

Daedong Index to feature Index drive DRC170

An index-specialized company, Daedong Index, will introduce their products including Index drive DRC170. The main product, DRC170 (Dae dong Rotary Table for CNC), has Motion Control Unit which is upgraded from worm gear method and uses servo system. It does not cause backlash and clamping. It brings about rolling contact by pre-loading so that it is semi-permanent.

Booth number 05A560           Tel 02-807-1381         Website

Main customers Hyundai Motors, LG Electronics and Other companies

Demand industry Metal manufacturing

Products Rotary tables, Multi manufacturing machines, Horizontal machining centers, Vertical machining center, 5-axis machining centers and Others

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