Friday, January 8, 2016

[SIMTOS Story] Metal Cutting & Die • Mold Working (Hall 1-5, KINTEX1)

Metal Cutting & Die • Mold Working (Hall 1-5, KINTEX1) 

Hanbee Machinery Co., Ltd. – Launching vertical two flat heads grinding machines

Hanbee Machinery  makes and sells mainly total automation CNC two-sides grinding machine. The company has been trying to amplify accuracy and productivity of precise components such as electronics, automotive and bearings. It features vertical two flat heads grinding machine at SIMTOS2016. The machine is a kind of flat grinding machines which has two disc-shaped magnetic both above and below so that as metal goes through between the two sides to be grinded. It is suitable for unmanned automatic system and also for consecutive works of making metal flat and vertical as its accuracy is reasonable.

Stand # (03A820)    Contact: +82-31-499-1801      Website

Products Numerical control flat grinding machines, Numerical control inside flat grinding machines, cylindrical grinding machines and Other numerical control grinding machines

Demand Industry Other Manufacturing

Main customers GMB Korea Corp, NSK Korea, Hanwha TechM, Neooto and Others

Sun Corporation is the best company for those who want to meet high-quality Taiwanese equipment

Sun Corporation which provides high-quality equipment from Taiwan launches wire dischargers and machining centers at SIMTOS2016. The wire dischargers are the product of EXCETEK Technologies which has about 50 branches all around the world and they are divided into two types. One is linear motor type, NP600L and the other is ball screw type, V650G. NTV158B (10,000RPM, BBT50) is scheduled to be launched and it is the product of YCM. YCM is one of the best machining center manufacturers in Taiwan. NTV158B is highly stiff and it has reasonable accuracy and low roughness.

Stand # (03C500)    Contact: +82-32-624-1774~5      Website

Products Products Horizontal machining centers, Vertical machining centers, Door-shaped machining centers, 5-axis machining centers, wire-cut discharger processing machines

Demand Industry Automotive, Electronics, Metal processing, Industrial machines, Home appliances

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