Friday, January 8, 2016

[SIMTOS Story] Tool & Related Equipment (Hall 9, KINTEX2)

- Tool & Related Equipment (Hall 9, KINTEX2)
Daebung Enterprise to feature Tool Prestter of Parlec

Deabung Enterprise will introduce Tool Prestter of Parlec at SIMTOS 2016. This Tool Prestter is famous for its stability and accuracy of repetition. It is also durable and rarely causes problems. It is designed based on FEA. It has gone through severe tests and simulations. It has strong columns made by casting method so that thermal expansion and reduction is minimal. Its ratio of thermal distortion is below 50%. Last but not least, it has straightforward interface. Users can measure and print out a lot of things such as measurement of length and complex profile forms. 

Stand # (09F940)           Contact: +82-32-666-2464       Website

Products Cyliner grinders, Multi grinders, Inner side grinders, Flat surface grinders, Centerless grinders, Tool grinders

Demand industry Space aviation, Automobile, Medical, Shipbuilding, Metal processing and Industrial machines

Main customers  Hyundai-Kia Motors, Schaeffler Korea, DTR, Ace Diamond and Other companies.

Genentec to feature ‘CBN/DIA WHEEL’

A grinding tool-specialized manufacturer, Genentec, will introduce large amount of DIAMOND, CBN grinding wheels and grinding tools for difficult-to-cut materials. Genentec has been gaining its popularity for its high quality products in the European market and its export has been increasing. The company sells products which are suitable for heavy cutting with its excellent grinding ability and other rubber bond grinding wheels [D5] which are comprised of resinoid, epoxy and vitrified.

Stand # (09G625)          Contact: +82-32-812-1520       Website

Products Grinding belts, Grinding clothes, Grinding materials, Dressers, Router bits, Drawing tools and Others

Demand industry Space aviation, Energy, Automobile, Electronic, Construction, Chemistry/Oil, Medical, Logistic, Shipbuilding, Metal processing, Heavy equipment, Industrial machines, Trading, Agriculture, Home appliance, Architectural engineering and Consumption goods

Main customers YG-1, Maphal

Hana Commercial to introduce automatic welding machines, cutting tools and ultralight materials

Hana Commercial mainly deals with automatic welding machines which automatically weld alloy to circular saws. The company also supplies ultralight materials which are the main components of cutting tools. The company will introduce the whole range of products supplied in Korean market such as ultralight cylinder sticks newly invented with innovative technology, solid carbide sticks, grinding tools for turning, milling and grooving and high frequency automatic welding machines.

Stand # (09F730)       Contact: +82-32-515-6381      Website

Products Robotic welding machines, milling cutters, special tools, inserts, milling chucks, Tap holders, Boring heads and Others

Demand industry Metal manufacturing and Industrial machines 

A cutting tools-specialized company, Widin, to introduce highly durable tap series, tool holders and end mills

An ultralight cutting tools-specialized manufacturer, Widin, will introduce highly durable tap series including carbide taps, high speed taps, easy-to-chuck and accurate tool holders, carbide, which is one of the ultralight materials as well as main products, end mills and a range of drill products. The insider has said We will do our best to fulfill our clients’ satisfaction. We will find the most effective promotion channels to promote our products.

Stand #  (09F910)           Contact: +82-55-291-9903             Website

Products End mils, Drill, Rimers, 5-axis machining centers, milling cutters, Die & Mold tools, Special tools and Others

Demand industry Space aviation, Automobile, Electronic, Medical, Logistic, Shipbuilding, Metal processing, Industrial machines, Trading and Home appliance

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