Thursday, February 4, 2016

[SIMTOS Story] Metal Cutting & Die • Mold Working (Hall 1-5, KINTEX1)

Dae Sung GT. Co., Ltd. – Exhibit Mobile Milling ‘GTB-2800LMDF-MO’

Dae Sung GT. Co., Ltd. will exhibit various types of mobile Beveling Machines and Welding Bead Shaving Machines for welding preparation. Especially, mobile milling GTB-2800LMDF-MO has the advantages of reducing working time and providing better circumstance. Because it freely adjusts the height minimum of 0.1mm as a scale, it produces quick and fine surface profile. Dae Sung GT. Co., Ltd. will also exhibit different types of Beveling Machines and FACE-MILL type GTW products at SIMTOS 2016.

Booth number: 05A020          Tel: +82-42-627-5508


Main customers: SAMSUNG Electronics, Hyundai Mobis

Demand Industry: Industrial Machines, Shipbuilding, Heavy Equipment,                                              Fabricated Metal/Stampings

Products: Lug Removal machines, Bead shaving Machines

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