Thursday, February 4, 2016

[SIMTOS Story] Parts Materials & Motion Controls (Hall 1-5, KINTEX1)

K-Tech Co., Ltd. - Innovative 2-channel MQL System

K-Tech Co., Ltd. supplies domestic market MachinesTools Monitoring Device, MQL System, Cutting Tool, Tool Holder, Tool Pre-setter, Angle Head, and etc. At SIMTOS 2016, K-Tech will exhibit innovative 2-channel MQL System. This system is suitable for high-speed cutting process when compressed air and cutting oil blend each other. Moreover, it could be applied for small tools that require large amount of lubricants with accurate input. Because it is possible to adjust and supply lubricant accurately regardless of speed, it builds quantification. Thus, K-Tech Co., Ltd. will operate innovative monitoring devices and tools that reduce energy and costs.

Booth number: 04A170          Tel: +82-2-803-0980


Demand Industry: Automobile, Industrial Machines, Fabricated Metal/Stampings

Products: Cleaning Machine, MQL System, Monitoring System

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