Thursday, February 4, 2016

[Monthly SIMTOS] Visit Online Matchmaking4U and Enjoy!

Visit Online Matchmaking4U and Enjoy!

SIMTOS 2016 Matchmaking4U Program is now open!
You could search and propose a meeting!

■ How to Apply for Matchmaking4U?

[Step 1] Online registration for visiting SIMTOS 2016 (
[Step 2] Visit Matchmaking4U Program Website(
[Step 3] Log-in with your SIMTOS2016 ID(E-mail)&Passwords
[Step 4] Fill-out Marketing Information & Interesting Products
- Interesting products you check would be very important information to find the optimal Companies.
- Bilingual ability (English, Chinese, Japanese etc.), industrial fields,
company profile etc.
[Step 5] Matchmaking4U online
- A buyer can search SIMTOS exhibitors sorted by Industry and products and apply
for the meetings online.
[Step 6] Advance Matchmaking complete!
- If both sides find mutual points to cooperate, the advance matchmaking completes.

For the reference to detailed information of Matchmaking4U program and Buyer Support program, please refer to the below information.
■ Expense Support Program “Early Bird Advantage”
 - Two persons per a company can receive expense support.
- Reserved flight ticket or a hotel room (SIMTOS official hotels) by SIMTOS travel agency, UJINTOUR (
- Actual expense shall be supported within the coverage according to the confirmed date of
  Invitation (the date of 3(Three) meeting cases are arranged.)   
 - SIMTOS travel agency can charge a buyer for amount exceeding coverage.
Coverage according to the confirmed date of invitation
~Jan. 31, ‘16
~Feb. 28, ‘16
~Mar. 15, ‘16
~Mar. 31, ‘16
Region 1
(Northeast Asia)
Japan, China, Taiwan etc.  
Region 2
(Southeast Asia)
Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. 
Region 3
(Southwest Asia)
India, UAE, Iran etc.
Region 4
Russia, Turkey, Australia etc.
Region 5
(Latin, Africa)
Brazil, Mexico, South Africa
   Please note that this support program is subject to be changed according to the no. of invitees.

Thank you for your attention.

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