Monday, September 9, 2013

[Matchmaking4U]FAQs on uploading handbooks

FAQs on uploading handbooks

Q.1) What is Web hard? How to upload handbooks(catalogues or brochures)?
   A) Web hard is internet hard drive storage for secure sharing of documents, images and files.
< How to upload >
 Connect to → ID:komma1, P/W: 5652721 Login → ‘Upload_Only’
→ ‘Matchmaking4U’ → Click ‘UPLOAD’ and upload your handbooks
Q.2) Is there a standard way of naming to save files
   A) Yes. Create file names as follow
  • Change the file name into your company name.                                  Ex)KOMMA
  • Enter the kind of written language in the handbook into brackets         Ex)KOMMA(Spanish)
  • Enter the country of origin of your product after under bar.       Ex)KOMMA(Spanish)_Korea
Q.3) Should I create a folder to upload files in the same spac
    A) No. You don’t need to create a folder. We will organize uploaded files after checking condition and file format. Change the file format to PDF and upload each file.
Q.4) Do I have to change the file format to PDF in order to uploa
   A) Yes please. It is an important to keep your handbooks safe.

Q.5) Can we update handbooks for new products or some changes after upload once?
   A) Yes. Whenever you want, feel free to contact SIMTOS2014 secretariat.

Q.6) If we possess handbooks in JPEG file format, how do I do?
   A) Using MS Power Point is very quick and easy way to convert JPEG files into one PDF file.
        If the converting gives you too much stress, contact SIMTOS secretariat.

Q.7) If the handbook contains many languages, how do I give the file name?
   A) Write the all contained languages in brackets.         Ex) KOMMA(Spanish, Japanese, English)_Korea

Q.8) What is the reason that uploading handbooks?
   A) Invaluable handbooks of your company will be distributed to introduce your company and products to foreign buyers.

Q.9) If the handbooks are in the progress of developing, how do I do?
   A) It is preferable to upload currently existing handbooks for prompt progress. When brand new  handbook completed, let us know so that we can update the files.

Q.10) If I uploaded files in wrong folder, can I revise them?
   A) Sorry, you cannot delete or revise the files. SIMTOS secretariat can do only, so please reconfirm file format, correct folder and file name to prevent mistakes in advance.

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