Tuesday, September 24, 2013

[Matchmaking4U]Join in Matchmaking4U with buyers

Meeting with Qualified buyers at SIMTOS!

KOMMA (Korea Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association), organizer of SIMTOS2014, offers Matchmaking Service between SIMTOS-exhibitor and buyer from various countries. It will give SIMTOS-exhibitors a chance to meet trustworthy and verified buyers and also it is an opportunity for foreign buyers to expand their business area to Korea and surrounding countries.

Take part in Initial research to join in Matchmaking4U

To analyze the potentials of company, KOMMA required Initial Research regarding possible languages, whether own handbooks in foreign languages, concern nation and etc to SIMTOS-exhibitors. As a result, total 65companies (46 of Korean companies/19 of foreign companies) took a part in research and they showed positive cooperation through prompt response. For this reason, KOMMA defined the 65 devoted companies as ‘Gold’ and set them as priority group sharing with 7 major target nations.(INDIA, TURKEY, THAILAND, INDONESIA, MALAYSIA, ITALY and BRAZIL)

Dependable Matchmaking4U with foreign buyers based on
reliability and pre-verification

‘Pre-verification through pre-meeting before main meeting on the site’
Matchmaking4U is organized to find new markets with the biggest points of reliability and pre-verification. Pre-meeting enables to verify suitability for each other in advance and it can minimize the matchmaking error on site. Especially, KOMMA has close relationship with numerous associations which possess strong network with influential buyers visiting SIMTOS.
‘Look for customized buyers having purchasing power’
On the other hand, to increase satisfaction of SIMTOS-exhibitor, KOMMA strives to explore buyers from mainly SIMTOS-exhibitor's favored nations. Especially, KOMMA attracts buyers from newly emerging countries such as INDIA, TURKEY, THAILAND, MALAYSIA, INDONESIA and BRAZIL, which greeted with big changes on export strategy came from increasing of purchasing power and upgrading of industrial structure.

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