Monday, September 2, 2013

[Matchmaking4U]Process of ‘Matchmaking4U with buyers’

Process of ‘Matchmaking4U with buyers’

[Step.1] Apply for ‘Matchmaking4U with foreign buyers’ and SIMTOS2014
  • Send an entry for online or through the agent in your coun
  • Confirm by phone from SIMTOS2014 secretariat

[Step.2] Fill out the ‘Initial Research’ sent from SIMTOS secretariat 

  • Whether own foreign language handbooks (Catalogues or brochures) 
  • Mark on concern nations(Multiple selection available)

[Step.3] Request submission of handbooks(Catalogues or brochures)
  •       Upload handbooks on the Web hard
  • FAQ about handbook uploading : Refer to SIMTOS2014 blog

[Step.4] Send the list of participants for ‘Matchmaking4U with foreign buyers’ to buyers
  • Enclose handbooks for effective introducing of companies and products
  • Send the company information based on Initial Research to buyers in countries

[Step. 5] Identify appropriate buyers for ‘Matchmaking4U with foreign buyers’
  • List up details of buyers who appropriate to 'Matchmaking4U with foreign buyers'
  • Send foreign buyers’ DB to participants for ‘Matchmaking4U with foreign buyers'

[Step. 6] Finalize the matchmaking and inviting buyers for B2B meeting
  • Inform support program to buyers(Roundtrip ticket or accommodation)and set an invitation

[Step. 7] SIMTOS2014 ‘Matchmaking4U with foreign buyers’ B2B meeting on the site
  • 9th ~ 13th, April, 2014 KINTEX, KOREA / Meeting at participants’ stand on the site

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