Wednesday, September 25, 2013

[Matchmaking4U]FAQ for joining SIMTOS as a buyer

FAQ for cooperative Organizers and buyers

Q1) What process we should follow in order to participate in SIMTOS 2014 as a buyer?

Find the general outline of SIMTOS2014 in [SIMTOS2014_Matchmaking 4U_Application] that attached in e-mail. ‘The process of Matchmaking with exhibitors’ will help you to understand better.

.[About Application form]

Q1) Deadline(30, Sep, 2013) is impossible to meet. Is it possible to extend deadline?

1-1. September 30th is the first submission date for application form. It’s not a final deadline.

1-2. However, prompt submission is required in order to secure enough time to be matched with exhibitors Please submit completed application forms regularly.(Every 2weeks recommended)

1-3. All the application forms should be submitted by 31st of October.

Q2) We just need to fill out application forms attached ?

2-1. Yes, please fill out the application form clearly. All details of the form should be filled out.

2-2. Send the completed application form to SIMTOS secretariat by e-mail.

.[ How to Find information of exhibitors]

Q1). How I can get the information of SIMTOS 2014 Exhibitors ?

1-1. Find the exhibitors’ list showing interest of your country’s market. The list is attached in your e-mail

1-2. The Exhibitors’ List includes the basic information such as products, origin, and website and etc.

1-3. You can find more detail information of the exhibitors On Webhard by downloading handbook or catalogue.

1-4. On Webhard(, there are handbooks written by English or other languages. Handbook means catalogue of exhibitor and their products.

1-5. However, Not submitted all exhibitors.

Q2) How I can use Webhard?

2-1. Connect to → Enter ID and PW (ID: komma1, P/W: 5652721) Login ‘Download_Only’ ‘Matchmaking4U’ Download handbooks of your favored exhibitor.

.[About Buyers]

Q1)What is support program for buyer?

1-1. You can refer to [SIMTOS2014_Matchmaking 4U_Application] that we sent to you by e-mail.
1-2. The buyers who found matched SIMTOS-exhibitors will get priority support from SIMTOS secretariat. It means, the buyers succeeded in Matchmaking with SIMTOS-exhibitors can benefit more than those who did not find the exhibitors.
1-3. The buyers who deal with strategic product will get more benefit than those who deal with core product. The list of strategic product and core product is included in [SIMTOS2014_Matchmaking 4U_Application].
1-4. The support plan for buyers is tentative. We will let you know when change occurs.

Q2). How many persons of each company can get support?
2-1. Max 2 people can get support from each company

Q3) What is the difference between Match and Non Match of support program ?
3-1. Match
Buyers can choose the up to 5  favored exhibitors. And exhibitors are eligible for choosing buyers whose they are appropriate to be a partner. If buyer and SIMTOS-exhibitor want to meet each other, the buyer becomes matched buyer. (Refer to -1-2)
3-2. Non-Match
Non-Match means opposite to Match concept. Specifically, If buyer cannot find appropriately matched SIMTOS-exhibitor, the buyer becomes Non-Matched buyer.

3-3. At the beginning step, nobody knows who can be matched or non-matched buyer

.[About Agents]

Q1) How many buyers we can take to SIMTOS 2014?
1-1. No limitation of number of buyers inviting. The more the better.
1-2. To get fully expense support of you(organizer), your inviting company should be more than 10.

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