Thursday, March 13, 2014

[KMTI ➉] The Korean Semiconductor Industry Ranked No. 2 in Global Market Share

Korean Rises to No. 2 in Global Semicon Market Share

The Korean semiconductor industry has risen to rank as the world's second in terms of global market share, outpacing Japanese products for the first time.

Quoting data reported by the Korea Semiconductor Industry Association (KSIA) and market survey agency iSuppli, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy revealed on January 20 that Korea is estimated to have taken over second place in global market share in 2013, pushing aside Japan for the first time in history.

Director Kim Jeong-Il of the Electronic Parts & Materials Division said, "Korea outpaced Japan, a wall that had been too high, after about 30 years of full-fledged development of semiconductors."

According to the ministry, Korea's semiconductor production in 2013 amounted to about US$50.07 billion, achieving a 15.8% global market share, exceeding Japan's US$44.27 billion and 13.9%. Korea lagged behind Japan in 2012 with 14.7% vs. 17.5% market share and also in 2011 with 13.4% vs. 18.5%.

In 2013, the United States maintained the No. 1 position with production of US$166.45 billion and 52.45 market share, posting continuously growing since crossing the 50% market share mark in 2011. Following the United States, Korea and Japan, Europe ranked fourth with 8.7% and Taiwan fifth with 5.0%.

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