Friday, March 28, 2014

[Tips 2] SIMTOS TIPs on How to Enjoy

SIMTOS TIPs on How to Enjoy!

l  We recommend that you visit all six specialized SIMTOS pavilions within KINTEX 1 and 2.
SIMTOS2014 is a large-scale exhibition that covers an area of 102,431m2 including the newly completed KINTEX 2.

l  It is easy to find all six themed pavilions. Just remember the color-code of each pavilion according to the items exhibited there.

Metal Cutting & Die, Mold Working
Press & Metal Forming
Parts, Materials & Motion Controls
CAD/CAM, Measuring Systems, Automation & Robotics
Tools & Related Equipment
Cutting-off & Welding

l  Check the times of events and seminars at SIMTOS2014
Check details and schedules about the events and other activities at SIMTOS2014 in the SIMTOS Guide or on the SIMTOS2014 website.

l  You can immediately start enjoying SIMTOS!
Considering SIMTOS is held in an area of 102,431m2, you will need more than 10 hours to look around the whole show, so allow sufficient time.
l  For your convenience, we suggest that you visit the show during weekdays.
Weekends are usually much busier, with many more visitors.

l  For more information or questions, please call the SIMTOS Customer Service Center:

+ 82-2-3453-2721

 We are ready to answer all your questions about SIMTOS!

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