Friday, March 28, 2014

[Tips 4] Fast Convenient Paths for Visitors

Case 1
Are you an early bird?

Entrust your day to SIMTOS, and take a tour of SIMTOS' six specialized exhibitions.
If you want to appreciate all of SIMTOS2014's 102,431m2, which is the largest in Korea,
please follow the path for visitors recommended by SIMTOS. With this, you can see all of
the SIMTOS centers while walking the least.

Case 2
I'm late to SIMTOS2014!

Are your visiting during the evening? It is virtually impossible to check out all the centers
in just one day. Focus only on the centers that offer the items that interest you most.
An average of 10 hours is needed to visit all of the centers, since the area exceeds
102,431m2. Thus, you should focus on the centers that interest you today. Visit us again

Tip 1

Check out the path outlined on the floor if you want to go to a specific SIMTOS center
that interests you. You can find the center of your choice if you follow the path indicated
on the floor since color codes are used to indicate each exhibition area.

Tip 2

If you want to move between KINTEX 1 and 2, which are close, but also a bit distant to
walk, then use the SIMTOS shuttle bus.

KINTEX 1 - KINTEX 2 shuttle bus (operating at all times)
a. Entrance to Hall 3 - Entrance to Hall 9
b. Entrance to Hall 1 - Entrance to Hall 8

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