Thursday, March 6, 2014

[Matchmakin4U] Exhibition (15) Riello Sistemi SpA

About Riello Sistemi SpA
Company Profile
Riello Sistemi SpA, established in 1963, is a leading European company in the production of numerically controlled rotary transfer machines and flexible machining cells to produce automotive components, sanitary fittings, hydraulic and pneumatic fittings, valves and general engineering parts.
Presently the company employs abt. 130 persons; the factory consists of 8.500 sq.m. covered surface and is equipped with the most up to date production means. RIELLO product has been continuously developed during the years with constant technological innovations, which make it leader in performances and reliability. As average the 80% of RIELLO production is exported all over the world, among the most industrialized countries.
The traditional transfer machines are used to economically produce lots of different families of complex components.
The Vertiflex flexible machining cell combines the high productivity of a traditional rotary transfer machine with the high flexibility of a machining center. This extremely innovative cell, available in the 300 and 450 models, can be supplied with up to 8 machining centers and up to 64 tools installed.
In 2002 established Riello Sistemi (Shanghai) Trade Co., Ltd. to respond to Asian market needs and the steadily growing business requirements.
Our Focus is to build up and maintain close and direct contacts with our customers, acting as the sales and after-sale-service organization of Gruppo Riello Sistemi in China.

Particular attention to Transfer machines which, as means of production customized to produce families of similar parts, are universally known as high efficient and productive machinery. In recent years there is strong growing demand for performance improvement coming from end users, who are competing in a more and more selective market and are forced to equip themselves with highly-performance means of production. Rotary transfer machines, like the Vertimac version, make it possible by providing cost-effective machining of parts generally used in the automotive industry. These machines are supplied with 4 up to maximum 14 stations. Every station, excluding the loading/unloading one, can be equipped with 3 or more independent unit heads, fixed or swiveling, and alternatively can mount little machining centers supplied with multispindle revolver head; this allows to machine 5 sides of a part simultaneously. They assure maximum accessibility to tools and incredible versatility of use. All control devices are of easy and simple access for maintenance and completely outside of machining area. The operating software, developed by Riello Sistemi for their machines, is interactive; it guides the operator through the programming steps, set up and troubleshooting; as well as for on-line technical assistance through internet network.

Riello Sistemi Spa
Via Nasionale 10 I-37046 Minerbe VR. Italy
Phone : +39 0442 641800
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