Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The HEART of the Smart Factory, 'Automation' at SIMTOS 2016, KINTEX

The HEART of the Smart Factory, 'Automation' at SIMTOS 2016, KINTEX

- Automation, the media liaised between mankind, machine, and I.T. and SIMTOS
- New arrival "Engineering Software for Manufacturing Zone" in exhibition hall 7&8 SIMTOS2016

In the reference to Korea Government's 'Manufacturing Innovation 3.0 Policy', Korea expect 10,000 smart factories like one of the renowned smart factory of SIEMENS located Amberg, Germany. Hence, there is secured budget of $240 billion, and scheduled to gradual investigation till 2017. If the policy being succeeds, one third of manufacturing factories in Korea would equip IT base production system.

There is no doubt that I.T.(information technology) and necessities for realizing automation such as soft wares, sensor, control and handling technology is key to establish the Smart Factories. In order to notify significance of ‘Automation’, the media liaised with mankind, machine, and I.T., SIMTOS2016 plans to build Smart Factory in KINTEX, Apr. 2015.

Production Automation for Smart Production System

We may consider that the trend of automation in the past as a clue for mass production era. However, recent automation that actively spread among manufacture businesses is not only simple factory automation but also automation of whole production system. So to speak, it would be a factory that liaised between mankind and machine.

Our government spurs 'Manufacturing Innovation 3.0 Policy' to be more competitive in global manufacture environment and to accumulate foundation of a creative economy. As many people acknowledged, creative economy refers to build something out of originals. In this context, cooperation and cooperation of experts, info-communication technology, and fusion techniques lead to qualified and low-cost production, and it has more competitiveness over a creative economy. Korea’s new strategy makes it possible from high quality mass production until customized production. Thus, automated production system is a key to trigger Smart Factory environment.

SIMTOS, the Compilation of Automation and Front Back Manufacturing Process

To take advantages over global market and to appeal demand industries the better quality and technologies, more active advertisement and marketing for automation companies is required. Particularly, companies ought to introduce potential and innovative products for raising their brand image and value. Therefore, renowned public relations meet the necessity.

Exhibitions related automation take great parts for advertisement gradually and there are numerous exhibitions and events in Korea. Nevertheless, ability to figure out the event that performs simultaneous technical cooperation with advertisement and that companies and consumers could blend in is needed. SIMTOS, the largest exhibition fair in Korea that contains compilation of automation and front back manufacture process would be an effective option.

SIMTOS has exhibitors that categorized from planning stages to complete productions such as machine tools, parts, forming machines, welding, laser-cutting, cutting tools and etc. Furthermore, this fair exhibits every automation items: CAD/CAM, CAE, PLM, measuring equipment, solution, sensor, measurement controller, network parts, motors and software; and industrial robots designed for handling and controlling production system throughout specialized hall. In addition, participating companies are in need of automation system.

For these reasons, entry of automation items such as software, measuring equipment, robotics, and etc. remarkably increased since 2012.170 exhibitors of 21 different countries participated at the last show but about 20 companies were not able to attend because of late-apply. Accordingly, SIMTOS 2016 enlarges fairground half as much as 2014 and arranges a themed pavilion of CAD/CAM, Measuring Systems, Automation and Robotics at hall 7 and 8 that was before hall 9.

Engineering Software for Manufacturing Zone in hall 7and 8 at KINTEX 2

In order to dedicate for Smart Factory project, SIMTOS 2016 office creates “Engineering Software for Manufacturing Zone” in hall 7and 8 at KINTEX 2 and recruits automation and software technology items that are core for Smart Factory.

The very first concept, “Engineering Software for Manufacturing Zone l”, created as Station Type which any other Korean exhibitions didn’t try yet. This type of booth designed for specifically efficient software presentation. This fresh and innovative attempt would lead for sure SIMTOS2016 to Festival with Manufacture Engineering and Software.
SIMTOS 2016 will be held during Apr. 13, 2016 ~ Apr. 17, 2016 in KINTEX, Korea. Online application of SIMTOS 2016 is recommended. For further information and details, 
go to (,+82-2-3453-2721).


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