Thursday, August 20, 2015

[Monthly SIMTOS] Find your partners at SIMTOS - Analysis of SIMTOS exhibitors

Analysis of SIMTOS exhibitors

  Compared to SIMTOS2014, SIMTOS2016 has reached 104.5% and has exceeded the goal 5,000 stands into 5,700 stands above. Since the statistics came out 9 months prior, SIMTOS office expects gradual and drastic increase. Especially, there are enlargement of stands and rapid registrations in 2016. Numerous fresh exhibitors keep on applying for SIMTOS2016, so it reached 10% of total exhibitors. 45% of re-applying attendees expend their stands. For, 55% of SIMTOS2016 exhibitors are whether new attendees or enlarged their stands.


According to statistic analysis by halls, SIMTOS 2016 “Machine Tool” and
“Parts & Material” companies largely increased as 114.7% and 118.4%.
Hall #10, “Cutting-off & Welding”, grew as 119.3%. For those reasons, there is waiting list of exhibitors willing to attend SIMTOS2016. The distinguished phase of this year is that machine tool co-related products: tools, software, control system, and automation increased. Also, hall #9 – CAM/CAM, Measuring system, Automation & Robotics as increase of attendee, relocated to hall #7 & #8. Furthermore, constitution of “Manufacturing Software Engineering Special Pavilion” boosted the application of software products.
 Many studies proved that Cutting & Molding machines, Welding machines, Press and banding machines are the core consumer of Automation, Tools, and Software. SIMTOS authorities said that it would be great opportunity to attend SIMTOS2016 as discovery of business and potential partners using MatchMaking4U – SIMTOS2016’s Unique & special program that matches buyers and companies beforehand.


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