Thursday, August 20, 2015

[Monthly SIMTOS] SIMTOS 2016 Matchmaking4U in Italy (EMO 2015)


SIMTOS 2016 Matchmaking4U in Italy

 SIMTOS Matchmaking team with Korean companies will visit EMO2015 to find new partners in Italy! You can join in SIMTOS2016 Matchmaking4U as a buyer by participating in SIMTOS2016 Machmaking4U in Italy[EMO2015] at this time.
According to your matchmaking result with Korean companies from now on, considerable expense support will be given when you visit SIMTOS2016 in Korea.
You definitely need Matchmaking Program, If you want to know about Korean companies or products. And it would give you opportunities that broaden your business area.
Why don’t you do online registration and check the attached Korean Company List. Check your interesting company in the file and then send it back to me! We will make time schedule for your business meeting with your favored Korean company.


1. SIMTOS 2016 Matchmaking4U in Italy

■ Date : Oct. 5thto10th(6days),2015
■ Venue : Korean companys stall in EMO 2015, Milano, Italy
- About 20 Korean companies attending EMO 2015*
*You could know Korean companies by checking the attached file.
- Buyers hoping to meet Korean companies

2. The process of Matchmaking4U in Italy  
[Step 1] Online registration for meeting with Korean companies in EMO 2015
-It is necessary step to participate in Matchmaking4U in Italy, please click here

[Step 2] Send the exhibitors the registered buyer list
-They can check interesting buyers up to 5.

[Step 3] Check interesting companies click here and then send it to
-It is possible for buyers to choose the companies up to 5 from the file we attached.

[Step 4] Matchmaking
-If both sides(Korea company and buyer) would like to meet in EMO 2015,
we will make time schedule for business meeting.

[Step 5] Business meeting in Korean company‘s booth in EMO 2015

If you want to participate in Matchmaking4U in Italy, please check your interesting companies(up to 5) click here and send it to
 by Sept. 11 2015.
SIMTOS is always open for you. Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions!

Thank you.

SIMTOS2016 Secretariat Matchmaking4U Team.
E-MAIL :, TEL : 82-2-3459-0041/0043

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