Thursday, August 20, 2015

[SIMTOS Story] When can we meet SIMTOS ?

When can we meet SIMTOS?

 Before & after SIMTOS WEEK(April), there is no related exhibition not only in Korea but
worldwide. Korea is world’s 5th machine tool producer and 4th consumer at the same time.
Thus, it is an important market worldwide. There are no such exhibition during 5 months
after SIMTOS WEEK(April) in China, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, and etc. It shows that
SIMTOS is competitive.

Only Machine Tool Exhibition in Even Years 
 SIMTOS is the only one that utilize KINTEX exhibition center 1 & 2. Also, in odd years, there are many machine-related exhibitions in Korea. However, SIMTOS is only one in even years.

SIMTOS Opens the Path to the World  
 Competitiveness of SIMTOS is ‘Present New Products’ and ‘First Step to Global Market’. During 2 years, SIMTOS exhibitors put their efforts to develop technology and prepare exhibition marketing. Then, they present new products and technology at SIMTOS. According to SIMTOS2014 statistics, average exhibit of SIMTOS exhibitors is 22.3. And 6 of them are new products. As new products 2,160(30.6%) out of total exhibit 7,050 shows, SIMTOS really is the platform of new products launch.



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