Tuesday, November 19, 2013

[Matchmaking4U]Exhibit Preview ①: Daesung Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.

High Tech, High Precision and High Quality
Daesung Hi-Tech produces high precision machine parts, assembly units & jig fixtures, machine tools and semiconductor machines, etc. Recently, the company has modularized parts of a cutting-edge CNC machine tool and developed a gear hobbing machine, semiconductor production-related equipment as well as an IT convergence medical application machine to diversify its product lines. Through the addition of three production lines and systematic classification of product groups at each plant, the company has made sufficient improvements in in its production systems.

Daesung Hi-Tech will showcase four pieces of equipment – which are the gear hobbing M/C and dental milling M/C, the Vertical Machining Center and the CNC High-Speed Multi-Spindle Machine.

CNC 6-Axis Hobbing MC (DSGH-220)
The DSGH-220 fulfills high-precision work without generating any backlash with its high-output torque motor and high-resolution encoder. The semi-dry cutting system, gear surface roughness and eco-friendly technology and realizes an MQL (minimum quantity lubrication) unit as well, eliminating the need for non-water-soluble cutting oil.

5-Axis Dental Milling MC (DM-25)

The adoption of high-speed spindles allows for more efficient ultra-high-precision processing, of high-strength materials. The adoption of a torque drive-integrated NC rotary table and CNC controller with, synchronous control of five axes allows for sculptured surface machining.

Vertical Machining Center (TX Series)

Achieves maximum process efficiency with optimized tapping and secures reliability with application of LM Guide and Ball Screw for high-speed processing machines.

CNC High-Speed Multi-Spindle Machine

The processing machine uses multi-axes, high-frequency spindles optimized for the machining of smartphone-related parts.

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