Friday, November 29, 2013

[Matchmaking4U]Exhibitor(3): MTS Sensors Technology Corp., JAPAN

About MTS Sensors Technology Crop.
MTS Sensors Technology Corp. was founded in 1995, it is a subsidiary of MTS Systems Corp. in Minneapolis, USA, a worldwide leading manufacturer of test and simulation systems. Since more than 30 years, the inventor of the magnetostrictive measurement method uses this unique technology successfully as a market leader for linear position sensors and float based level sensors.
At three sites, Japan, USA and Germany, 360 employees work in development, production and sales of linear position and liquid level sensors. The all sites are ISO 9001 certified, and some of its products are approved with CE, ATEX, UL, FM, CSA, and so on.
It has experiences and can offer solutions for a wide range of application, such as machine tools, metal working, plastic, rubber, food, beverage, fluid power, construction machinery, automotive, medical equipment, ship, boat, gas tank, chemical, etc. MTS Sensors remains a highly focused technology company that provides the kind of customer service and support, and offers you various technical innovations and creative solutions.

MTS Sensors provides the most reliable and accurate magnetostrictive position sensors in the world. Temposonics® sensors are ideal for monitoring and measurement systems, for machine control involving hydraulic, pneumatic, electromechanical or even manual positioning in industrial applications.
MTS Sensors enable applications to work smarter and harder. Its full line of standard and custom linear-position sensors can fit virtually every type of industrial application imaginable. With a variety of mounting, output and configuration options and can be easily installed in a cylinder or externally mounted to your machine. Temposonics® sensors are a cost-effective, high performance, high-quality alternative to linear potentiometers or linear encoders. When you add affordable cost to reliable, repeatable performance and zero maintenance, the choice is Temposonics®.

MTS Sensors in SIMTOS 2014
MTS Sensors participate in ‘Matchmaking4U with Korean buyers’ to find new and potential customers. It wants to be looking for the buyers of metal cutting machines, metal forming machines, presses, robotics and welding fields through this event. MTS Sensors will corporate with its distributor in Korea for exhibition participating SIMTOS2014. It hopes to see many visitors at the show.

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