Thursday, November 28, 2013

[Matchmaking4U]Exhibit Preview ④: KCC Co., Ltd.

Customer Satisfaction is an Ultimate Goal of the Company
We can provide full range of plant related products through selection of qualified vendors with competitive price. there are many kind of vendors who produce Actuators, Hydraulic, Directional Control Valve, Process Valve, Air Clean Unit, Vacuum Equipment, Switch, Shock Absorber, Accessories,.. but it is very important to choose qualified vendors, so we can recommend good makers to fulfill his responsibility.

Competing against foreign brands which have volume and price competitiveness, KCC continued to invest in R&D to win over these imported goods. Eventually, the company has gained reputation of its product quality and created business opportunities not only with SMEs but also large enterprises.

And further, the company is taking a step further to reach out the global market with the help of its employee’s hard working and creativity, world-top quality and marketing strategies.

Now, KCC is achieving both imports replacement and export target. KCC Company, as a Korean brand, set a clear goal of becoming one of the world best brands as well as becoming a leader in Industrial Automation.

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