Tuesday, November 26, 2013

[Matchmaking4U]Exhibit Preview ③: JJ Tools Co., Ltd.

Endless Success Myth in End Mill Series
Since its founding in 1997, JJ Tools has been a professional manufacturer of high-hardness cutting tools. The company, which has grown through extensive experience in end mill fields, ranging from re-grinding to mass production, is now equipped with over 10,000 excellent products in order to respond to the diversifying high-precision machining industry environments.

CBN End Mill Series and PHCB End Mill
JJ Tools will exhibit its CBN end mill series that enhances the lifespan of end mills significantly through self-developed V-cut jointing. This product group features excellent surface roughness for work on high-hardness materials that are difficult to cut and is optimized for finish cutting. In addition, the company plans to exhibit ‘P’ (Precision)-class ultra-precision ball end mills, PHCB, products that were developed after ball-type end mills of its existing high-speed group, HCB line.1

Diamond Coated End Mill Series 
and JJ Series Endmill esinoid

Featuring the best excellent abrasion resistance among all end mills on exhibit, JJ Tools’ diamond coated end mills are appropriate for graphite machining of electrodes. Compared with other products, the company’s diamond coated end mills offer a more stable performance and higher hardness of the coated film, while the coated layer thickness also is high, thereby boasting a long tool lifespan exceeding 6~8 times that of general high-hardened products. The end mill series, 'rainbow-colored' products representing JJ Tools, have heat resistance and abrasion resistance owing to a high silicon content, and are optimized to high-hardness and high-speed machining for highly hardened materials of about HRC52~68.

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