Thursday, November 21, 2013

[Matchmaking4U]Exhibit Preview ②: Genentech Co., Ltd.]

Ever-Growing Grinding Wheel Company
Genentech specializes in the manufacture of all types of grinding wheels, ranging from diamond and CBN to conventional tools. Constantly striving for customer satisfaction, Genentech products have a strong reputation for utstanding technology, top-rated quality and on time delivery.

It’s diamond and CBN grinding wheels are super abrasive featuring resinoid, metal and vitrified work. The products are applicable to straight flute grinding as well as spiral flute grinding operations.

Hybrid Wheels
The company's hybrid wheels are applied to creep-feed grinding of rouging. The products feature the characteristics of metal & resin while having higher heat resistance than phenol or polyamide and excellent ability due to wheel elasticity.
Resinoid Wheels
Genentech's resinoid wheels are divided into phenol resin and polyimide wheels. The elasticity of phenol resin wheels is higher than those wheels made of other materials, so their grinding performance is excellent for high-hardness, high-speed steel, non-ferrous metals, etc.

Metal Wheels
Excellent in maintaining shape, abrasion resistance and heat resistance, Genentech's metal wheels feature a long lifespan. These wheels are used mainly in intermittent grinding work and appropriate for glass, steel, shape profile and honing processing.

Vitrified Diamond & CBN Grinding Wheels
Characterizing these products is a very long tool life due to high concentration and excellent grinding ability owing to numerous pores. The products are used for grinding of ferrous metals and ceramics for auto parts and also for PCD & PCBN.

Conventional Grinding Wheels
In terms of their usage, Genetech's conventional grinding wheels are divided into resinoid (grinding tap flutes, grinding clearances & drill points), epoxy (grinding knives, bearing cases & grinding tap chamfers) and vitrified (grinding of precision products, cutting tools & tungsten-carbides).

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