Monday, November 30, 2015

[Amazing Korea] Erich Schmidt in Korea this week to discuss Google partnership

Erich Schmidt in Korea this week

to discuss Google partnership

  Eric Schmidt, the Executive Chairman of Alphabet Inc., the holding company of Google Inc., is visiting South Korea on Thursday for a three-day trip, according to Google Korea LLC on Sunday. Schmidt is scheduled to meet with executives of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd in Seoul. He may be meeting Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jay-yong.

 Schmidt is visiting Korea for the first time since Google changed to a holding company structure in August. Industry watchers would be closely watching what kind of new partnership the technology giant would be seeking with Samsung and LG Electronics. Schmidt visited Samsung Electronics the last time he visited Korea in 2013.

 Samsung Electronics and Google share leadership in the Android-based smartphone market.

 According to the IDC market research, the Android operating system took up the lion’s share of 82.8 percent of the global mobile market in the second quarter this year. The two companies last year signed cross-license agreement allowing each other access to patents rights of the two companies for the next 10 years.

 Schmidt will also be meeting executives of LG Electronics. LG Electronics and Google expanded partnership from Nexus phone to automated cars and operating system for the Internet of Things. Google engineers are working closely with LG workers at the company’s research and development center in southern Seoul.

  Schmidt also plans to visit Korean startup companies and the National Assembly.

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