Tuesday, November 3, 2015

[Monthly SIMTOS] - Have you noticed? – ‘SIMTOS Tram’

[Monthly SIMTOS] - Have you noticed? – ‘SIMTOS Tram’

First Action of SIMTOS, Activating the First Tram in the History of KINTEX Exhibition for KINTEX 2 Exhibition Venue


Have you ever seen the elephant tram in amusement parks or famous tourist spots? Now, you can take the SIMTOS tram during Exhibition Week. The SIMTOS secretariat is going to operate the tram from KINTEX 1 exhibition venue to KINTEX 2 exhibition venue. Recently, KINTEX and SIMTOS secretariat reached an agreement after consultation.

Secured Mobility for Balanced Visitor Fluctuation

During SIMTOS week (Apr. 13 ~ 17), there are over 850 exhibitors from 30 countries, and more than 10M people are going to visit KINTEX. According to the statistics, it takes average 5 hours to look over SIMTOS due to the extensive exhibition fairground. For, most of visitors came early in the morning and 43.8% of them spent more than 5 hours.

Thus, SIMTOS secretariat decided to operate the SIMTOS tram in order to secure visitors’ convenience. And it would contribute the well-balanced influx of the visitors over two exhibition venues – 1st and 2nd and would raise the satisfaction of both exhibitors and visitors.

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