Tuesday, November 3, 2015

[Monthly SIMTOS] Apply ‘Matchmaking4U’ Program to Meet Business Partners

Apply ‘Matchmaking4U’ Program to Meet Business Partners

 Are you looking for new business partners?

 Then, I’d like to introduce SIMTOS Matchmaking4U program.

 Matchmaking4U is the program connecting the visitors (potential buyers) and exhibitors.

  You could have meetings with SIMTOS exhibitors unlimitedly if you follow the simple steps

 [Step 1] Online registration for visiting SIMTOS 2016 (

 [Step 2] Check interesting products with additional information   
  - Bilingual ability (English, Chinese, Japanese etc.), industrial fields, company profile etc. 
  - The interesting products you check would be very important information to find the    
     optimal companies. 

 [Step 3] Matchmaking4U online   
  - A buyer can search SIMTOS exhibitors sorted by interesting products and apply for 
    the meetings online, and vice versa.

 [Step 4] Advance Matchmaking complete! 
  - If both sides find mutual points to cooperate, the advance matchmaking completes.

Matchmaking4U program opens on Nov. 9th, 2015.
After online registration, Step 2(additional information) is required to use MM4U service. 

Don’t miss a chance! Register Now!

If you have any questions and requests feel free to contact us.

SIMTOS secretariat

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