Monday, November 30, 2015

[SIMTOS Story] NAMSUN MACHINERY CORP - 65 year-long History in Machine Tool Industry

- 65 year-long History in Machine Tool Industry -
 There is a company that has continued for 65 years based on the strong trust of customers for the technology. That's NAMSUN MACHINERY CORP is in the forefront of development of machine tool with determination that thing to save corporation is only technology.
 SIMTOS 2016 Secretariat visited NAMSUN MACHINERY CORP which recently enhance the status of domestic machine tools industry by being more active sales activities abroad and directly saw technology skills they have emphasized.


 Last month completed internally the preview of energy saving 5-AXIS machine SPHINX-5X/65 in front of the release. After research and development for 5years, SPHINX-5X/65 that is created with energy saving factors such as lightweight design, standby strategy technology in peripheral equipment, monitoring technology during power consumption and etc shows incredible results that it could reduce more 50% power consumption compared with existing products.

 SPHINX-5X/30 has good reactions in Europe. High speed 5-AXIS machine with the best specifications and performance to produce precision parts of clock, medical device and etc competes against products of prestigious global companies. Earlier this year NAMSUN MACHINERY CORP achieved the export contract to P company well-known as watch brand at the end of competing with German company and created an opportunity to instill a new awareness of the Korea machinery in the European market.
 Mr. Sohn of said NAMSUN MACHINERY CORP as the oldest machine tool company in Korea with pride in long history would keep proving the power of domestic machine tool around the world by making constant efforts to bring about the revolution.

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