Monday, November 30, 2015

[Monthly SIMTOS] SIMTOS 2016 to be a 'Bridge' between Exhibitors and Visitors

SIMTOS, to be a 'Bridge' between Exhibitors and Visitors
- Step 1: 70% of exhibitors have finished online registration of their products and marketing information!
- Step 2: Visitors can register their marketing information from now on!

 The secretariat of SIMTOS, Korea Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association
(KOMMA, as follows the secretariat), has stated that it is going to open online marketing information registration for visitors as of November 18th since the online marketing information registration for exhibitors has come to the finish. The secretariat has developed a distinguished online matchmaking program. The program is designed to create business environment where both exhibitors and visitors share information and find each other easily and spontaneously. ‘Online marketing registration for exhibitors’ is one of the secretariat's efforts to make the exhibition more prosperous. It is said that 70% of 675 exhibitors have registered their information.

>> Evolving Matchmaking4U*, connecting online and offline

 It is expected that approximately 800 exhibitors and 100,000 visitors from all over the world will attend the biggest market place of manufacturing technology, SIMTOS. Both exhibitors and visitors will be exploring each other's products and technology to make business opportunities. Unfortunately, 5 days are not enough time to increase business possibility. That is why the secretariat has been making its effort to be a bridge between exhibitors and visitors. From 2014, the secretariat has launched its unique business meeting program, 'Matchmaking4U.' The program connects visitors to exhibitors so that exhibitors can make profits and go overseas. 

 In 2016, the secretariat has developed its own online matchmaking program to enable both exhibitors and visitors find each other easily and spontaneously. Each exhibitor and visitor enter their information online including interesting products, handling products and industrial fields and share the information to consider business possibility before the exhibition. It will lead to effective matching environment on the exhibition day. 

 * MatchMaking4U is an acronym of MatchMaking for you. It means a customized business meeting
   program of SIMTOS.

>> Online marketing information registration for SIMTOS exhibitors has successfully finished !

  As the first attempt to make a‘participation-oriented’exhibition, the secretariat has opened a service called ‘Online marketing information registration for exhibitors' and the number of exhibitors is 675.

  According to the analysis of online marketing information registration for exhibitors, 469 exhibitors, equivalent of 70% of exhibitors, has registered information such as handling products, interesting buyers, industry demand, bilingual ability and the person in charge. It is an indicator of change that exhibitors recognize the exhibition as an unmissable chance to find optimal partners effectively.

<Status of SIMTOS 2016 exhibitors' marketing information registration (as of 2015.11.17)>

Themed Pavilion
Ratio of Registration
Metal Cutting & Die ·Mold Working Pavilion
Part, Materials & Motion Controls Pavilion
CAD/CAM, Measuring Systems, Automation and Robotics Pavilion
Tools & Related Equipment Pavilion
Cutting off & Welding Pavilion
Press & Metal Forming Pavilion

 As you can see, 69% of companies which handle Machine Tool and Metal Cutting equipment have registered. 66% are from CAD/CAM, Measuring Systems, Automation companies and 70% are from Part, Materials & Motion Controls. Especially, Part, Materials & Motion Controls has reached almost 80%. It shows that exhibitors of every themed pavilion are highly interested in the pre-marketing process.

>> Industry demand has expanded to the whole aspects of manufacturing industry including automobile, electronics, ship-building, aerospace and heavy equipment

 The analysis also shows exhibitors' industry demand and opinion on visitors. The most popular industry demand was industrial machine and metal die·mold working several years ago. However, 32% of respondents has revealed that they are in demand for electronic, ship-building, aerospace and heavy equipment, saying that it is evenly distributed in the whole manufacturing industry.

 The thing is that market place has been expanded to medical, home appliance, military, energy and construction industry as well as representative manufacturing industry. The industry account for 29% of the whole business demand which means that both exhibitors and visitors have been diversified.

>> ‘Now, exhibitors' turn’online marketing information registration for domestic visitors has started! 
  As online marketing information registration for exhibitors has come to the finish, the secretariat has started the second step of online business platform, online information registration for visitors, which is subjected to those who registered in advance from this month. Visitors who registered in advance are required to enter the purpose of visit, industrial fields, bilingual ability and interesting products on the SIMTOS 2016 website or though the link in the mail sent from the secretariat.

The platform of the secretariat's online counselling system is as follows
① Enter the marketing information for exhibitors → ② Enter the marketing information for visitors → ③ Exhibitors' information share and promotion of exhibit products → ④ Matching between‘handling products-interesting products or related industry-demanding industry’

Once marketing information registration for both exhibitors and visitors is finished, full-scale matchmaking platform is completed. It is a bridge between exhibitors and visitors and also a competitive matchmaking infrastructure.

SIMTOS 2016 is to be held from April 13th to 17th (5 days) in 2016 at KINTEX. If you have registered in advance, you can apply for participation online. For detailed information, please visit the SIMTOS website ( or call 1599-2721.


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