Monday, December 2, 2013


HSD SpA Mechatronic Solutions designs and produces technologically advanced components for milling, boring and cutting operations on a wide range of materials (wood, aluminium,plastic, marble, glass and metal)
• Automatic tool change electrospindles
• Manual tool change electrospindles
• 2 axis heads
• Right angle heads for electrospindles
• Independent spindle boring heads
• Servomotors with integrated driver control
• Multi-functional units 

The Electrospindles,manufactured by the thousand for many applications, are characterized by their wide range of powers, torques and rotation speeds that do not detract from their high levels of reliability.
A wide range of motors are available, ranging from the ES325 (2kW, 50,000rpm) used prevalently for finish machining, to the ES929 liquid (16kW, 24,000rpm) and ES510 (50kW, 15,000rpm) used for heavier machining operations.
The Electrohead represent the most recent example of innovation combined with technology, with numerous choices of single or dual structures. Of particular interest is the range of Electrospindles available with power ratings ranging from 4kW up to 42 kW with speeds up to 50,000 rpm. 

The Aggregates allow milling, boring and cutting operations to be carried out on a wide range of materials (wood, aluminium, PVC). The Electrospindle, together with the C-axis form a unique and interchangeable combination capable of guaranteeing maximum machining flexibility of the CNC Working Centre.
Used on point-to-point boring machines and on pantograph machines, the HSD Boring Units are available in a wide range of independent vertical, horizontal spindle and blade unit models. The drive motors range from 1.7 kW to 3 kW, with a standard spindle distance between centre of 32 mm and a number of spindles that can vary from 5 to a maximum of 36.
The Multifunctional Units are special devices designed for specific machining operations. The changeable heads provide maximum operational flexibility and versatility. An optimum solution for medium-light applications (Units from 1.7 kW) and heavy duty work (Units from 5kW).

Besides the Italian Headquarter,HSD operates directly through 3 branches located on the main world markets, with the aim of ensuring immediate and highly qualified pre/post sales services using staff trained by the headquarter:

•HSD USA (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
•HSD Deutschland (Göppingen)
•HSD China (Shanghai)

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