Tuesday, December 17, 2013

[Matchmaking4U]Exhibit Preview ⑨: UGA PRESS Co., Ltd.

Hydraulic Press Specialist, Top Export Partner
Since starting its hydraulic engineering business in 2008, UGA has grown into the leading hydraulic press manufacturer and hydraulic system engineering company, providing its products to automotive, electronics and high precision industries both at home and abroad.
Backed by its specialized and experienced expert staff, UGA is also acting as an exporting partner of major Korean industrial machine manufacturers of such items as mechanical presses, feeding machines, robots, steel coil line systems, die casting machines and other related industrial machinery.

NC Die Spotting Press
UGA's NC die spotting press features a pump with variable piston that enables free control of oil flow and pressure to achieve a soft slide motion, low energy consumption and longer life of the suction filter since it does not intake oil from the tank whenever the slide stops. The pump also minimizes heat-causing factors, extending the seal's life and eliminating the need for an additional cooling unit.
Unlike conventional die spotting presses, with a so-called mechanical inching process, which achieves micro-inching by lowering the slide itself using the weight of the slide and upper die, meaning the operator has to always remove the springs or shock absorbers if higher counter-pressure occurs from the lower die, UGA's die spotting press makes work easier and minimizes time loss with the pump action. As a result, if any overload exceeding the preset pressure is detected, the slide automatically moves up 30mm and stops to prevent damage to the die. Furthermore, automatic counterbalancing of the slide achieves stable slide motion regardless of whether the die weight is heavier or lighter.
Automation System
In addition to functional improvement, overhaul and relocation of hydraulic presses, UGA designs and manufactures automation systems for hydraulic forming & trimming lines and other systems tailored to customer requirements.

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