Saturday, December 14, 2013

[Matchmaking4U]Exhibitor(7) ETXE-TAR GROUP, SPAIN

About ETXE-TAR Group
ETXE-TAR, founded in 1957, is a worldwide and global leader of Manufacturing Systems for components for the Automotive, Heavy Duty and Energy Industries, supplying turn-key solutions, from the designing process to the start-up of production. Exports represent 90% of ETXE-TAR’s turnover. It has a total area of 20.000 m2 and a powerful Engineering Department.
ETXE-TAR, modular machines and optimized systems solutions

Customary to designing sophisticated production installations for the automotive industry, which requires high technological knowledge and involves increasingly upgraded know-how for the different machining processes, it possesses a modular machine concept that ensures the most suitable technical solution for each specific work piece, process or Layout.  More than 2500 installations (In-line and Dial Transfer Machines, Special Machines, Flexible Machining Centers and Flexible Machining Solutions) for diverse plants around the world are so far the result during nearly 55 years.
Meeting the demanding challenges of combining the environmental, quality and cost-efficiency factors, i.e. dry machining for several machining operations, including Deep Hole Drilling with minimum quantity lubrication (MQL), several Automotive Manufacturers have already placed their trust with these Deep Hole Drilling Centres for Oil Holes,Crankshafts and Transmission Shafts, converting Etxe-Tar in the worldwide leader for Flexible Crankshaft Manufacturing Systems. Up to now also involve in Turn-key-systems for connecting rods.
Not only machining solutions for high volume, but now also stable and aimed machine’s construction for the heavy-duty industry. Due to the great demand of custom solutions and quantities in other areas such as Energy and Chemistry, the flexible and reliable Etxe-tar´s systems have also found their stake here. Especially in the wind energy industry and Oil&Gas.
ETXE-TAR is present with own sale and service network in the most important European countries, North and South America, India and Far East with consolidated and professional structures, committed to offer a totally reliable service to the Customer.

ETXE-TAR will be present in SIMTOS2014 because the recently orders for the Korean automotive industry and growing importance of the Korean market. Focuses on improve its local presence and brand awareness.

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